Network Child Care Services (Network) is proud to announce the launching of our new monthly newsletter which will provide brief articles and insights for all Families, Staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers. We truly hope you enjoy these quick reviews as we highlight one of Network’s Child Care Centres, an affiliated Home Child Care Provider, as well as other areas of focus for the month of March!

Visiting Network’s Group Child Care Centre

Network’s Group Child Care Centre, located at 756 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, has been in operation for over 30 years. This site was Network’s first child care centre location after beginning operations in September 1991. Throughout the Centre, the warm and inviting Educators and Staff care for infants, toddlers and pre-school children as a seamless team. Artwork is prominently displayed, celebrating children at every juncture, while the warm ambiance reflects the calming support, which all families receive upon entering this site. This clean and caring facility has been the cornerstone of Network’s child care centre-based programs from which 19 other sites have been launched. Look for our next Centre review in April!

Meeting an Affiliated Home Child Care Provider – Ms. Kelly Agdomar

In entering the residence of Ms. Kelly Agdomar, you will instantly feel that you have come to a calming and caring oasis in the west-end of Toronto. Ms. Agdomar takes the time to welcome you, and introduce you to her delightful and comprehensive home child care program. Happy children enjoy interacting with Kelly as she has created a child care space which truly reflects on the interests of the children in her care as well as their families. A morning circle routine rotates to delightful art activities as Kelly fills the children’s minds and hearts.

Times Are Changing! – Get ready to reset your clock!

Kindly note the following significant dates and times this March

Blocks Build Success – The Cubes and Rectangular Prisms Have It!

When you look at a pile of blocks, you are usually thinking as a parent or an educator that they just need to be tidied up and put back on the shelf. Consider the possibilities! Blocks allow children of all ages, depending on the type and size of the blocks, to explore and develop a number of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts.

Children rarely resist the temptation to begin experimenting with a group of blocks as they reach out and move the blocks around to explore their properties (i.e., size, shape, colour, texture). Children will begin to arrange blocks, perhaps test their stacking ability or create a pattern. Depending on the child’s age and stage of development, blocks allow for a number of learning opportunities given time and space.

Before you think about putting the blocks back on the shelf, why not consider a designated corner or space on the floor which the blocks could wait for the next child scientist or mathematician to arrive?

International Women’s Day – Let’s Celebrate!

March is a special month which celebrates International Women’s Day (March 8th). This day has had a long “herstory” in the making as it began to be locally recognized around the year 1909, but wasn’t formally adopted by the United Nations until 1977.

The child care sector is a prime example of how women continuously worked to improve the lives of future generations, as the majority of the roles in the child care sector are held by women.

Currently, some gender equity has been achieved, however, this continues to be a goal for many women all over the world. Let your voice be heard on March 8th!

Network Congratulates Its Health and Safety Team!

Network would like to recognize the following individuals who have undergone training to become part of the Organization’s Health and Safety Committee:

Fatima Al-Setri*, Main Office
Pamela Tugade*, Main Office
Teri Harley*, Dane Avenue EYL & CCC
Loretta Delos Angeles*, Lansing Avenue EYL & CCC
Megan Samanica*, Dane Avenue EYL & CCC
Juvelyn Grospe, Lansing Avenue EYL & CCC
Fardoshi Islam, Bendale Acres EYL & CCC
Tanvir Quader, Child’s Nest 121 EYL & CCC
Jennifer Carter, Child’s Nest 123 EYL & CCC
Brianca Henry-Witter, Group EYL & CCC
Victoria Parker, Holy Cross B&A
Monica Richardson, Home Child Care

Reetu Daddar, Jubilee EYL & CCC
Cindy Banguero, Just Kids EYL & CCC
Luciana Marino, Metamorphosis EYL & CCC
Jacqueline Levy, Satellite EYL & CCC
Manpreet Kaur, St. Aidan EYL & CCC
Yanje Sherpa, St. Agatha B&A
Inthuja Packiaraja, St. Gabriel Lalemant School EYL & CCC
Min Yan (Vicky) Link, St. Nicholas EYL & CCC
Sandy Botelho, Wade Avenue EYL & CCC
Cherrie Mingyu Li, Annunciation B&A
Nahida Akter, St. Maria Goretti B&A
Anushi Jay, St. Victor B&A

*indicates a Certified Joint Health and Safety Committee Member

Gross, C. (Jan./Feb., 2023). “Block Building: Expanding Learning Opportunities”. Exchange, The Early Childhood Leaders’ Magazine.