Network Child Care Services

Network is a non-profit child care organization, licensed by the Ministry of Education to provide high quality child care services and programs to children and families in our Early Years Learning and Child Care Centres, Licensed Home Child Care Premises, Before and After School programs and Onsite Event Child Care services across Toronto and the GTA.

Our History
Network Child Care Services was established in 1991 as a home child care organization. Just as our communities grew and changed over the years, we responded to an ever-growing need for equitable and inclusive access to quality child care.

Through the years there have been continuous changes in family dynamics, expansion of cultural and ethnic diversities in the community, developments in education, and ongoing changes to the rules and regulations that govern Early Years Child care, Network has expanded its services to more than 1,600 children and families across the GTA.

Today, we offer a wide variety of progressive child care services and early learning programs to support families in meeting their child’s academic and child care needs.

In 2021, we celebrated 30 years of delivering quality child care

Our mission is to provide exceptional early learning experiences and child care services to children and their families in a community of diverse needs.

Core Values

Network operates and delivers services and programs guided by a shared belief in core values and principles. Network values:

  • Children, families, their needs, and the needs of their community, as the pivotal purpose of our ambition.

  • Mutual respect, diversity, inclusiveness, and equity in all its services and decision-making practices.

  • Positive and responsive engagement and ongoing communication with parents/guardians for their unique strengths, perspectives and contributions to our program that will enable us to best meet their child’s needs.

  • The dedicated Staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers and their professional contribution, continuous professional learning, and commitment to Network’s mission statement and goals.

  • Liaisons with community partners and resources who provide opportunities for the children to develop close connections with a wide range of community supports.

    Director's Message

    As Network’s Executive Director over the past 25+ years I can personally attest to the labour of love seen in every aspect of Network’s activities.

    With an enrolment of over 1,600 children and families, it takes tremendous dedication and tireless effort by our Early Childhood Educators, our support Staff, and our affiliated Home Child Care Providers to meet the needs of each and every child. We recognize that every child’s early years are of utmost significance and must be supported and enriched with the best possible early years program. At a time when the rate of learning is occurring at lightning speed, it is essential for Network to stay ahead of, and embrace, new trends and directions. To place every child at the 'centre' of our operations is to offer the best possible programs and care in their very critical formative years.

    Whether you are looking for an early years and child care program for your own family or an on-site child care service for your conference or special event, please take the time to get to know us through these web pages and contact us for a personal visit or orientation. Welcome to Network Child Care Services!


    Community Partners & Funding Agencies


    Canadian Association of Exposition Managers | Canadian Child Care Federation | Coalition for Better Child Care | City of Toronto, District Child Care Advisory | City of Toronto, Every Child Belongs | Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre | The Four Villages Community Health Centre | Home Child Care Association of Toronto | Mothercraft College | Ontario Studies in Education (OISE) | Quality Early Learning Network (QELN)