Happy Pride everyone!

Network Child Care Services (Network) is proud to deliver to your inbox, the Organization’s June Newsletter! Please enjoy the brief articles and noteworthy celebrations for all families, staff, and affiliated home child care providers. We truly hope you enjoy these quick highlights as we focus on one of Network’s Child Care Services’ affiliated Home Child Care Providers as well as other events of interest for the month of June!

Connecting with Maritza Martinez, Network’s affiliated Home Child Care Provider

Maritza Martinez, Network’s affiliated Home Child Care Provider’s residence is located in the Caledonia Fairbank’s neighborhood which is situated in the central west area of Toronto. Her child care program is geared to offering care to children of all ages from infants to twelve years of age. Maritza has greatly contributed to the growth and development of many children who have been in her program throughout their formative years. In fact, Maritza has been caring for children well over the last two decades.

In conversation with Maritza, one immediately notices her incredible commitment to the children in her care as she describes her child care program. Educational toys and other hands-on materials for children’s use are readily available throughout the entire lower level of her residence. Maritza frequently visits the local parks in her area along with the community drop-in centres and libraries. She takes pride in infusing Spanish flavours into her freshly prepared meals which the children in her program thoroughly enjoy.

Maritza is a model of diversity, equity, and inclusion as she converses with the children in her care in English and Spanish. Gracias Maritza!

Mark Your Calendars – These Dates Are Noteworthy!


June is Pride Month across Ontario!

Network Child Care Services would like to wish all staff, affiliated Home Child Care Providers, and families a very Happy Pride!

June 8

June 8th is World Oceans Day!

First proposed in 1992 by the Canadian government during the United Nations’ Earth Summit, this important day was officially recognized by the U.N. in 2002 as a world-wide celebration of this planet’s oceans. Oceans remain the greatest source of oxygen for the Earth but are constantly in danger of pollution and misuse through overfishing and environmental destruction. Canada is surrounded by three oceans but while they may seem very far away for many of us here in Toronto, the small changes which we make to help the Earth will also help our oceans!

June 16

June 16th is Father’s Day!

This special day has been celebrated since the early 1910’s and gained greater recognition in the early 1970’s. This day simply encourages people to appreciate the fathers or the father figures in their lives. Interestingly enough, Father’s Day has a wearable symbol to indicate to others that you are marking this important day. Wearing a red rose signifies that you are honouring a living father or father figure in your life while wearing a white rose signals to others that you are remembering your father or father figure who has passed away.

June 20

June 20th is the Summer Solstice!

Ahh welcome summertime! This unique time of the year is officially marked when the northern hemisphere is at its maximum tilt towards the sun, and those of us in this hemisphere experience the longest day with regards to the number of daylight hours. The summer solstice is connected to new beginnings as it reflects the closing of the traditional academic year which also brings graduation and commencement ceremonies as students transition from one part of their life to another. These “new beginnings” often bring both excitement and apprehension as these special milestones celebrate both achievements attained and successes to come!

June 21

June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day!

This unique day was selected to coincide with the summer solstice, as this day represents the maximum amount of natural light as a focal point from which to celebrate! This important day was first declared in 1996 in Canada, to “recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples.” Authentically celebrating this day could encompass several activities, from reading about the significant contributions of Indigenous Peoples to listening to music or appreciating the art of many Indigenous artists. Learning to say “miigwetch” (pronounced meegwetch) or “thank you” might be a great start to an important conversation.

June 30

June 30th is Toronto’s Pride Parade Day!

The LGBTQIA+ community welcomes Torontonians and visitors alike to celebrate Pride as this colourful parade sparkles and dazzles Toronto’s downtown. Since 1971, communities across Canada have begun to embrace Pride festivities with the first Pride Parade taking place in Toronto in 1981. The official proclamation of Pride by the City of Toronto occurred a decade later in 1991 which has marked the annual raising of the inclusive Pride flag at City Hall in late May or early June.

Why Does Pride Matter?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have become sought after concepts and principles permeating child care and educational settings alike. Regardless of how one chooses to rearrange these words to form acronyms or short forms (i.e., DEI, IED, IDE) by adding the concept of accessibility to the mix, an interesting IDEA could begin to take shape.

Acknowledging the importance of these interconnected concepts is the beginning of creating a foundation of teaching and learning opportunities. However, in truly providing an authentic environment of acceptance versus tolerance, pride needs to be engaged.

To feel proud of something or someone involves the cultivated sense of building self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, and a sense of true accomplishment, which is developed slowly over time. With young children, this is a delicate balance of repeated and reinforced positivity as they move through their formative years to hopefully achieve an understanding that they themselves are worthy and are able to feel proud of their dreams and successes.

As children begin to demonstrate an authentic reflection of their learning environments, parents and educators are also able to feel that sense of pride creating a cyclical climate of belonging and integrity. Happy Pride everyone!