Welcome to Network’s July Newsletter. You will immediately notice that this summer version has lighter content to allow for a quick review for our readers during the busy month of July. We hope you enjoy this edition. Network Child Care Services would like to wish all staff, affiliated home child care providers, and families a very Happy and Safe Summer!

Water Safety in the Summertime

The summer months are an ideal time to enjoy water play with children. The air temperature is usually warm to hot as the sun shines for more than ten hours on average, bringing everything around us to life. These fair-weather days lend themselves to the desire to enjoy water activities with children near a pool or a lake or even near the ocean. The challenge of course is safety!

As noted by the World Health Organization, drowning prevention has been recognized globally with its own unique day, in hopes that greater attention will be paid to stop this unnecessary and tragic accident from reoccurring year after year. Statistics have revealed that 87% of drownings for children under the age of 5 have occurred in family pools and in less than 60 seconds. Families are often left shocked and heartbroken in realizing how quickly their child could drown as simple distractions have seemingly contributed to this data.

Drowning prevention is the key! Learning to swim is similar to learning how to ride a bicycle as this is a life-long skill once it is acquired.

While in the process of learning to swim, families must consider the use of life jackets for their children to prevent drowning. Life jackets are amazing devices which keep the wearer above the water level and add to their confidence as they are learning to swim.

Finally, the colour of a child’s swimsuit also makes a difference! Surprisingly, recent studies have shown that neon colours like pink, orange, green and yellow swimsuits are the best, and can help rescuers find the swimmer quickly in the water be it a pool, lake, or ocean. Swimsuits which are either white or light blue seemingly disappear once they are below the water surface, making it close to impossible for rescuers to locate the drowning victim.

With many water parks, pools and swimming locations opening up for the summer months, it is more important than ever to put distractions away and supervise children in the water at all times. Swim safely!

Mark Your Calendars – These Dates Are Noteworthy!

July 1

July 1st is Canada Day!

Since July 1, 1867, what was previously known throughout Canada as Dominion Day, officially became known as Canada Day in 1982, when The Canada Act was enacted into law along with The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Canada Day is a national holiday which celebrates all things Canadian. Parades, picnics, and fireworks typically mark this celebratory day. This year, Canada will be 157 on July 1st!

July 15

July 15th is Canada Parks Day!

Another national event is Canada Parks Day which has been celebrated on July 15th since 1990. Summer is the perfect time to venture outside and enjoy one of many parks which are located throughout our neighbourhoods. Guided walking tours and family friendly events will be occurring on this delightful day. There are approximately 1500 local community parks throughout the City of Toronto!

July 25

July 25th is World Drowning Prevention Day!

Moving from Canada to a more global perspective, World Drowning Prevention Day will be observed on July 25th. Drowning is a preventable tragedy which is often avoided by simply learning how to swim. Many adults and children often wade into water without gaining the proper expertise and knowledge with dire consequences. The City of Toronto offers lessons in swimming, and it often takes as little as 24 hours to become a skilled swimmer regardless of your age!

Summer Sun Safety For Educators, Affiliated Home Child Care Providers, and Families

With increased outdoor activities during the summer, it is very important to address sun protection measures. Adults should apply sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF) on children and ensure that a labeled bottle is readily available for reapplication as needed.

Hats are also encouraged to shield children’s faces from the sun’s rays. Usually, it is beneficial to conduct outdoor play times earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the peak hours of UV exposure, but it is still recommended to have protective clothing and ample hydration during all outdoor activities. Together, we can ensure a safe and enjoyable summer for all the children in our care.

Families, please do not hesitate to reach out your child’s educator or affiliated home child care provider if you have any questions or concerns regarding sun protection.