Happy New Year! Network Child Care Services (Network) is proud to deliver to your inbox, the Organization’s January Newsletter! Please enjoy a few moments to review the brief articles and noteworthy celebrations for all families, staff, and affiliated home child care providers. We truly hope you enjoy these quick highlights as we focus on one of Network’s Child Care Services’ Child Care Centres as well as other events of interest for the month of January!

Connecting with Network’s Lansing Child Care Centre

Network’s Lansing Child Care Centre is situated in the Lansing United Church in North York, Toronto, conveniently located close to Sheppard Subway Station and Yonge Street. This spacious and welcoming Centre provides care for seventy-two children from infants to preschool. The dedicated and friendly staff create an environment for all families which emulates a “second home” setting as daily greetings are often heard in a number of languages.

In connecting with Juvy Grospe, Lansing’s Centre Supervisor, she describes this location as a place where diversity, equity, and inclusion are practiced daily as parents are often seen demonstrating their musical and artistic talents with groups of children and educators. New learning opportunities are shared amongst everyone as educators are enthusiastic to embrace these unique partnering sessions. Parents have commented that they too feel appreciated as they are intrinsically connected to their children’s learning. 

Music will continue to fill the month of January at Lansing Child Care Centre as everyone has been asked to stay “tuned”!

Mark Your Calendars – These Dates Are Noteworthy!

Jan 1

January 1st is New Year’s Day!
Network Child Care Services would like to wish all families, staff, and affiliated home child care providers a very happy and prosperous New Year. It is hoped that 2024 will bring health, happiness, and peace to everyone. Interestingly enough, this day has been a federal holiday since 1870!

Jan 7

January 7th is Orthodox Christmas!
Network Child Care Services would like to wish Orthodox families, staff, and affiliated home child care providers a very Merry Christmas!

Jan 24

January 24th is the International Day of Education!
This informative day was first proclaimed by the United Nations in 2018, highlighting the importance of learning for the betterment of peace throughout the world. Access to education for everyone, particularly children, needs to be a right not a privilege.

Jan 27

January 27th is Holocaust Remembrance Day!
This United Nations’ observance has been marked globally since 2005. This important day is an annual remembrance of the atrocities experienced by groups of individuals at the hands of the Nazis during the Second World War. As the writer-philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Interesting enough, he coined this phrase in 1905.

Resolutions – The Annual Goal Setting Strategy!

Welcome 2024! As we recycle our paper calendars from last year or simply scroll to this year’s calendar on our electronic devices, the thought of considering a New Year’s resolution may come to mind.

Making resolutions as part of marking a “new year” has historically been in practice since the time of the Babylonians or about 4,000 years ago, give or take a decade or two. More recently, resolutions which were directly attributed to January 1st of any given year seemed to have taken shape in the early 1800’s as the mass distribution of print material truly began to gain popularity. Nevertheless, the thought of formulating a resolution which could really be attained beyond 48 hours continues to seemingly loom over individuals who choose to consider their future.

Resolutions are simply personal goals which may actually be accomplished with the right strategy. Often writing them down on paper or entering them into an electronic device (which could be programmed as a daily reminder) is said to bring about greater success in achieving the particular goal. The brain is “reminded” of the resolution if the frequency of access to the goal becomes a daily occurrence.

Setting goals promotes a sense of “self-efficacy” which was first cited by Albert Bandura, a psychologist in the early 1970’s. In other words, if you believe strongly enough that you can accomplish your goal, you will! Planning how to achieve your goal is also an important component as larger goals or resolutions usually tend to take a few steps to ensure that they are really accomplished. Success is simply measured by your capacity to feel strongly enough that you can attain whatever you resolve to do in 2024! Happy New Year!