Annual Report 2021

Raising Our Future

Mission Statement & Core Values


To provide exceptional early learning experiences and child care services to children and their families in a community of diverse needs.


Network Child Care Services (Network) operates and delivers services and programs guided by a shared belief in core values and principles. Network values:

  • Children, families, their needs, and the needs of their community, as the pivotal purpose of our ambition.
  • Mutual respect, diversity, inclusiveness, and equity in all its services and decision-making practices.
  • Positive and responsive engagement and ongoing communication with parents/guardians for their unique strengths, perspectives and contributions to our program that will enable us to best meet their child’s needs.
  • The dedicated Staff and Affiliated Home Child Care Providers and their professional contribution, continuous professional learning, and commitment to Network’s mission statement and goals.
  • Liaisons with community partners and resources who provide opportunities for the children to develop close connections with a wide range of community supports.

Network is committed to achieving and maintaining equity, respect, dignity and inclusiveness, in all of its activities. Network’s objective is to welcome, support, recognize and honour the uniqueness of each and every individual who is part of the Network community. Network prides itself in embracing and respecting diverse backgrounds, values, and perspectives within its community and strives to create environments and spaces that are safe and comfortable and where everyone is accepted for who they are.

In support of those goals, Network:

  • Strives to maintain equitable representation throughout its community.
  • Honours and respects religious, racial, and cultural diversity and their intersecting identities.
  • Insists on conduct that promotes mutual respect, inclusiveness, and equity for individuals of all race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, age, religious beliefs and physical abilities.
  • Seeks to enrich our understanding and knowledge of Indigenous perspectives and work towards implementing the Calls to Action issued by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as applicable specifically to the education and care of children.
  • Promotes accessibility by identifying, preventing and removing barriers in all our facilities, programs and services.
  • Provides support and accommodation for students who may be experiencing a diverse range of social, emotional and physical health needs.
  • Condemns all forms of racism including systemic, prejudice, stereotyping, racial profiling and micro-aggressions. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in Network’s services, decision-making practices, culture and policies.

Board President’s and Executive Director’s Report

Welcome to Network Child Care Services’ 31st year in providing licensed, early years learning and child care services to families with young children in Toronto.

We are delighted to see everyone back in person after two and a half years of isolation. As much as our virtual tools allowed us to connect and support the continued delivery of our programs and services, nothing, in our view can replace the full return to in-person human interaction. Let us hope that we have seen the worst of COVID-19 and that when we refer to this period, it conjures memories of survival, compassion, collective support, and collaboration.

Network’s 2021 Annual Report demonstrates how members of our child care community pooled their efforts and went over and above their usual work activities to overcome the roadblocks caused by the Pandemic. We can say very confidently that many of our families were supported and sustained by the child care community’s compassionate work during this unprecedented time. We did it, and we did it together.

In 2021, Network advanced strongly into its third decade of growth and development. It weathered the “pandemic storm” courageously and adjusted swiftly and nimbly to challenging and ever-changing restrictions. Network’s stability as an organization and its integrity in all aspects of its operations enabled it to provide dedicated and exceptional licensed care to thousands of children and families throughout Toronto, with only minimal disruptions.

Turning to some of the specific challenges, Network tackled the seemingly relentless challenges of room closures and mandatory restrictions. Personal Protective Equipment quickly became readily available at all Child Care Centres and Home Child Care programs, in adherence with the requirement to always remain masked. COVID-19 screening became a regular part of Families, staff and affiliated Provider’s morning routines as every cough seemed to signal concern.

Against such challenges, Network was very grateful for the funding enhancements it received from the Federal Government, the Ontario Ministry of Education, and the City of Toronto Children’s Services. It would not have been possible to meet the various challenges without this financial support, and for that, we thank all three levels of government.

Network’s efforts to respond to the Pandemic’s daily challenges did not eclipse its commitment to recognizing and celebrating one of its core values: cultivating positive spaces where children and staff thrive and want to be. This undoubtedly requires continued work and the application of our core principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this spirit, as summer turned to autumn, Network commemorated Truth and Reconciliation Day on September 30th, 2022. Network’s staff and Affiliated Home Child Care Providers promoted the message that Every Child Matters in all their activities. Although orange t-shirts were worn first and foremost to remember all those children whose lives were lost to the dreadful experience of the residential schools, they also served to remind everyone of Network’s ongoing commitment to providing exceptional care to young children and families throughout our programs. As we look forward to future activities in 2022 and beyond, we are grateful for the dedicated and tireless efforts of Network’s talented Educators, staff, and Affiliated Home Child Care Providers, without whom Network’s mission could not be realized.

As we continue to plan for Network’s future growth in the coming years of this new decade, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for the ongoing support of the Ministry of Education, the City of Toronto Children’s Services, and the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Certainly, without the necessary funding which Network received from the City of Toronto Children’s Services in particular, our capital projects, which began in 2020 and were completed in 2021, would not have been realized. These projects included the addition of Infant Care at four Child Care Centres as well as the renovation of our Main Office, and the Home Child Care Division.

We would also like to extend our most sincere thanks and appreciation to all Families who have trusted Network to care for their children, particularly during the latter half of this most difficult global pandemic. Their confidence in our programs, and Educators, has been both impactful and crucial to Network’s success.

Finally, a very warm and heartfelt thank you to Network’s Board of Directors and Advisors for their thoughtful insight and committed leadership, as well as all the individuals and community partners who have contributed to Network’s advancement over the past year!

We look forward to maintaining and enhancing our unwavering commitment to delivering safe Early Years and Child Care of the highest possible calibre and pedagogy throughout all our Programs.


2021 Highlights

Renovations completed at 5 Network locations!

Network began renovation work at our head office located at 756 Ossington Ave in Toronto in April 2020. Shortly after, architects began planning the new location for our Home Child Care office. From floor plans to strategic furniture choices, the vision for these new office spaces had finally become a reality in 2021. At the same time, 3 of our child care centres also began renovation work to update and rejuvenate the child care space. By the end of 2021, renovation projects at Group, Jubilee and Just Kids included the addition of infant rooms and other general upgrades to the physical space, thus expanding our offering to more families and providing more child care spaces. These projects have made Network offices and child care spaces a more modern and comfortable environment for all to enjoy!


2021 marked a significant year for Network, as we celebrated our Organization’s 30th year!

This is a tremendous accomplishment for any organization. Network marked this occasion in the safest way possible with COVID-19 considerations, by hosting a virtual Annual General Meeting with all staff, affiliated Home Child Care providers, and various partners. It was a celebratory evening filled with speeches, commemorative recognition, and a guest speaker. Notable guests Network had at this meeting included the General Manager of Toronto Children’s services, Shanley McNamee, as well as a message from the Prime Minister’s office, presented by Judy Sgro, Federal MP. Our key note speaker, Sarah McVanel, engaged us in a lively and self-reflective presentation on the topic “The Flip Side of Failing”. Additionally, we had a fruitful presentation celebrating staff accolades presented by our Human Resources Manager, Nadia Stirpe. We updated our logo to reflect this momentous occasion.

Network implemented Storypark across the Organization to improve communication and engagement

Storypark is an app that effectively streamlines secure two-way communication between families and their child’s educators. The application is free for all Network families to join. Storypark enables our staff to build learning and development profiles for each child, allowing them to share images, videos, and messages safely and securely, and enables instant communication between the families and educators. Families are able to have direct communication with their child(ren)’s educators whilst in the Programs and gives our Organization visibility and reportable statistics on how we communicate, and how much we communicate with the families we serve.

Orange Shirt Day

On September 30th, 2021, Network supported the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, also known as Orange Shirt Day. The notion that Every Child Matters is integral to the inclusivity and diversity of Network’s ethos and the families we serve, but this is even more important considering the revelations surrounding the Residential School system across Canada. As part of the day, we provided all staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers with an Orange Shirt. The children decorated their own paper orange shirts as an art activity, we shared information and educational resources with staff, affiliated Home Child Care Providers and Parents, and took lots of pictures to share with families on Storypark and our Social Media pages.

2021 Year In Numbers


Training hours


Centre locations


Number of languages spoken


Number of Affiliated Providers


Hours of service delivered


Number of staff


Children served (in HCC and CCC)


Child care spaces


“Thank you to all ECE workers and assistants, but a huge thanks to these women! Thank you for your time and dedication in teaching and raising our children, Lorenzo and his family are grateful. Without many of you, many of us parents wouldn’t be able to go to work with the security of our children being in good hands.”

—Lorenzo’s family, Parents from Bendale Acres Child Care Centre

“Bendale Acres Child Care Centre is an amazing place for the little ones. Teachers here are very kind and patient. They do lot of fun activities and post pictures on Story Park. My daughter loves to come here every day. I highly recommend it.”

—Avanni’s mom, Parent from Bendale Acres Child Care Centre


2021 Achievements

Training In 2021

2021 was a year of learnings & continuing education for us all. Network Child Care Services partnered with numerous organizations to bring its staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers various topics of interest so that our workforce is knowledgeable in key elements within our sector, as well as diversity. The following is a brief outline of what the staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers learned in 2021…

Covid Safety

Throughout 2021, Network continued to adhere to all health measures and guidelines from Toronto Public Health, Toronto Children’s Services, and the Ministry of Education. As the pandemic ventured through its peaks and valleys, Network continued to provide all staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers with personal protective equipment (such as KN95 masks), cleaning supplies to ensure that all families, staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers remain safe and continually offered various training opportunities which reviewed COVID-19 guidelines. Additionally, Network provided HEPA air purifier units in each playroom throughout our Centres.

Lastly, in addition to nightly professional cleaning, we further enhanced our cleaning measures to include weekly deep cleaning and disinfecting geared to reducing the viral spread of COVID-19.

Rapid Antigen Testing and Screening

As per the requirements from the Ministry of Education and Toronto Public Health, Network developed policies around vaccination requirements. This meant that any unvaccinated staff or affiliated Home Child Care Providers and their residents were required to submit Rapid Antigen Test results twice per week to their supervisors. The Rapid Antigen Tests were provided by the Ministry of Education and distributed by Network Child Care Services.

GoEvo application

As the pandemic continued to evolve, screening had become one of our everyday practices. Network believed that continued use of screening would be the surest way to protect the health and safety of the children, as well those around the centre and inside affiliated Home Child Care providers’ homes.

In an effort to make the screening process simpler and much less time consuming each day, Network proudly implemented an active self-screening digital assessment tool for everyone to complete and submit each day before entering the child care premises. GoEvo provided a clean and simple interface for all users to complete their self-screening.

By the end of 2021, Network’s staff, affiliated Home Child Care Providers, and the families attending child care would no longer screen on paper at the child care space, but rather complete digital screening for themselves and their child(ren) at their convenience in the morning on a cellphone or digital device. When parents would drop off their child, when a staff member goes to work, or before child care begins at the home child care space, screening results would be submitted for clearance. Our mission with this application was to make drop off a much quicker process and reduce wait times outside of the child care space.

2022 Initiatives

Network to re-imagine website, for a more clean, modern look. Making it easier for users to navigate:

We are excited to report that we plan to re-launch and revitalize Network’s website. This project will modernize the site’s graphics, navigation and above all making it more user-friendly for families. The site will undergo changes to appear more modern and visually pleasing, by greatly reducing the copy on each page and replacing the photos with ones that have a more colourful representation of Network’s programs and services. Additionally, we will also make changes to our mobile website experience, where users can see more information in the palm of their hand. We also endeavor to add two of the following features: a Gallery of Photographs (Child Care Centres and Home Child Care homes) and an interactive Virtual Tour of the Child Care Centres.

Fully Integrate digital COVID-19 screening across Organizations:

The digitization of COVID-19 daily screening will reduce paperwork, labour force and greatly improve efficiency when screening our children and staff. Network believes that within the foreseeable future, continued use of screening will be the surest way to protect the health and safety of the children, as well as those around the centre and home child care premises. Starting in 2022, Network’s staff, affiliated Home Child Care Providers, and the parents we serve will complete the screening for themselves and their child(ren) whenever is convenient in the morning on a cellphone or digital device. Our mission with this application will be to make drop off a much quicker process and reduce wait times outside of the child care space.

Plan the first in-person Symposium in 2 years:

Network is excited to announce that we have scheduled an in-person Symposium for our staff on November 19, 2022, and for our affiliated Home Child Care Providers on November 12, 2022. These Symposiums will take place at the Novotel Hotel, North York. In the morning on both days, we plan to provide updates regarding Network’s programs and services underlying the Organization’s vision for the upcoming year. In the afternoon, our staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers will take part in interactive, team and skill building workshops. We hope these workshops will empower the participants with knowledge and skills to bring back to their various programs.

Network’s Blueprint:

At the request of our Board of Directors, Network intends to initiate a process which will provide us with a blueprint report of our Organization that will lead us to the next interval in Network’s strategic growth plan. Network’s entire Management Team will participate in this process, aptly called “The Blueprint”. The Blueprint will contain three elements in which the Management Team will build upon. These three elements are the Organization’s purpose, its business architecture, and its purpose story. Once these are established, the next step in 2022 will be to implement The Blueprint throughout Network, with the guidance of an external business consultant.

Extensive & Inclusive online training opportunities:

Network firmly believes in the value of continuing education and learning throughout the year. The skills we learn and apply into our professional and personal lives benefit those around us, and those who we interact with on a daily basis. The objective is to elevate professional expertise and inclusive knowledge of all participants in achieving a greater level of early years and child care delivery. Some of these opportunities will include:

  • Celebrating Black History Month within Early Learning and Child Care Programs presented by the Early Childhood Community Development Centre.
  • Indigenous Gifts, presented by the Indigenous Perspectives Society

IT and Cyber Security Assessment:

Network will be partnering with BDO Canada to begin discussions on making Network Child Care Services a more “Modern Workplace” from a technology perspective. This project will include interviews with staff, training and the introduction of various computer tools to improve workplace efficiency.

Financial Highlights

Year ending December 31, 2021


Grant Revenue (37.6%) $7,166,309

Subsidized Child Care Fees (35.3%) $6,716,908

Child Care Fees (18.0%) $3,419,064

Other Funding (9.0%) $1,709,331

Other Revenue (0.2%) $28,687

Total Revenue $19,040,299


Salaries and Benefits (61.3%) $10,612,357

Provider & Contractor Fees (15.9%) $2,753,670

Occupancy Costs (10.0%) $1,730,912

Office and Administrative (4.1%) $703,157

Program (3.7%) $637,247

Food (3.4%) $585,206

Amortization (1.7%) $295,148

Total Expenses $17,317,697

Revenue Over Expenses $1,722,602

Note: Copies of financial statements audited by KRP LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, may be provided upon request.

Staff Members/Providers

Staff Members

Nasra Abdi
Aziza Abdulaziz
Marlon Agard
Lee Li Nee Agnes
Angel Melinda Tavares Aguiar
Jasmine Aitken
Zewditu Akele
Mosa Nazma Akter
Nahida Akter
Heyam Al Tarsha
Fatima Al-Setri
Maria Alberga
Cheridainne Almazan
Isabel Alvarez
Gloria Alvia-Miranda
Aldwin Apruebo
Roshini Arithas
Sabicca Arumuganathan
Sangita Aryal
Nasreen Asif
Shahairazaad Bacchus
Runi Bagom
Alicia Baker
Abbegale Baldwin
Mariama Bangura
Padma Banjade
Ana Baptista
Mariam Baroi
Amaneh Barzegari
Thulasimalar Bastiampillai
Elizabeth Bazga
Farjana Begum
Celeste Benjamin
Evadne Benn
Yongzhu Bi
Marla Regina Faye Blanco
Alphine Bondoc
Chona Borbon
Sandy Botelho
Nardia Buchanan
Crisanto Paulo Bustamante
Marites Butt
Imelda Buyco
Divina Cabading
Jessica Calouro
Sonia Calouro
Brianna Campbell
Danielle Campbell
Jennifer Carter
Ana Carvalho
Shu Yi Cen
Jacqueline Cervoni
Wing Chan
Yuk-Ying Chan

Chin Yao Chang
Carla Maria Chavarria
Yan Lan Chen
Kangzhen Chen
Lydia Sea-Yeun Chor
Stephanie Chin Yu Chung
Cynthia Clarke
Nelia Cordeiro
Virginia Cuadro
Reetu Daddar
Barbara De Cicco
Loretta Delos Angeles
Maria Deneko
Harsha Desai
Edna Dioneda
Gregoria Directo
Melany Dogino
Celeste Alexandra Drakes
Anita Dukharan
Gregory Duma’s
Thelma Dumaquion
Alloris Oneka Dyer
Petall Edwards
Wendy Elejalde Murillo
Falona English
Maureen Rose Everatt
Juecong Fang
Piera Fasulo
Tasneem Fatima
Mei Xia Feng
Anecia Ferguson
Cynthia Ferreira
Olivia Foley
Diane Frias
Amanda Fulton
Aubrey Gablan
Megan Mae Gallant-Samanica
Lucy Garabedian
Joanna Mae Garcia
Kyriaki Georgiou
Razia Ghani
Fanouria Gkizali
Ethan Godinho
Cynthia Gonzalez
Yolanda Grant
Shirnette Green
Juvelyn Grospe
Italia Lisa Guarini
Georgia Hadjicosta
Chantel Hall
Teri Harley
Lital Harris
Yu Juan Ivy He
Brianca Henry-Witter
Nancy Hoang

Shari-Ann Holmes
Jenny Howe
Jane Zhiqian Huang
Fei Fei Huang
Li Xiu Huang
Kamelia Ibrhim
Fardoshi Islam
Nensi Jain
Antoinnia Briana James
Jannat Jannat
Anushi Jay
Rachael John
Emely Juan
Dimitra Kampyli
Lucy Kapocho
Filiz Karaagac Sag
Maria Katsigarakis
Komalpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur
Shanice Keane
Sakineh Khalilinejad
Kamrun Khan
Ara Rowson Khanam
Laya Khatamian
Selamawit Kidane
Marie Labossiere
Ntesara Langkozi
Hyun Ju Lee
Doris Lei
Maribel Leon
Jacqueline Levy
Xue Lian Li
Mingyu Cherrie Li
Lindita Lika
Min Yan Lin
Maricel Mejia Linga
Wan Chi Liu
Natalie Lloyd
Irma Joan Lopez-Laggui
Leanne Lowes
Joy Lyttle
Effie Jane Maclean
Patricia Magalhaes De Oliveira
Athenna Magno
Min Yu Mai
Christina Michelle Malakovski
Nathaline Malcom
Whiza Anne Maramba
Luciana Marino
Luciano Marino
Ioanna Marinopoulou
Robyn Brenda Marsh
Antonia Mastrella

Emely Mazariegos
Arta Mici
Marzieh Miri
Taeko Mizukami
Christina Modopoulos
Aneesah Mohamed
Zakiyah Mohamed
Paula Montealegre
Arminda Joyce Mora
Mohana Mylvaganam
Jegarani Nanthakumar
Manveer Kaur Nehal
Rachel Man Shan Ng
Sadia Afrin Nishad
Angela Oropeza Diaz
Mona Osman
Jane Otero
Sally Medeiros Pacheco
Patricia Pacheco
Victoria Pacheco
Inthuja Packiaraja
Joana Laurice M Padilla
Vera Mae Pagat
Dianne Palhinha
Nick Pappas
Jeyavathany Paramanantham
Little Alythe Pascoe
Mary Grace Perez
Deomattie Persaud
Malika Phillip
Simone Katrina Phillip
Michelle Pimentel
Ivorie A Pinto
Nisha Pitroda
Kahseendah Pompey
Rehana Akter Popy
Diana Powell
Julie Poya-Lama
Leonora Prado
Jennielyn Puon
Lakshi Pushparajah
Sayida Binish Qadir
Tanvir Quader
Mariepeula Rajanikanth
Yanesha Ratnakumar
Kimberley Redhead
Wilma Regala
Raven Olivia Reid
Hedda Reyes
Monica Richardson
Pina Rinella-Papp
Doris Isabel Risso-Rocco
Amber Ritchie
Datta Ruchira
Blessi Santiago

Francesca Santoro
Christelle Sayers-Jackson
Debbie Seerattan
Yanje Sherpa
Itita Shyti
Agata Siczek
Marlene Silva - Armas
Susy Simoes
Sonia Laurell Simon
Aurelia Simon
Rachael Simser
Sandhya Singh
Bintou Singhateh
Margaret Smith
Kerian Smith
Batani Somayeh
Hanako Staddon
Tomislava Stanisic
Vanessa Sterling
Nadia Stirpe-Georgiou
Stellina Alexandra Stratis
Irum Suglatwala
Aneesa Sulaiman
Jadwiga Szajner
Thi Set Kha Thach
Kanya Thapa
Vasiliki Theocharopoulou
Sangyal Tsogyal
Luis Varessis
Hoang Phuong Thao Vo
Spiridon Volonakis
Effie Vrazalis
Andrea Walker
Serena Walker
Lei Wan
Chong Wen Wang
Elma Wedderburn
Lititia White
Harlene Arlene Williams
Qing Feng Wu
Xiuming Wu
Fang Xiao
Jianyi Ye
Hao Yin
Madina Yokubbaeva
Hyun Kyung Yoon
Hibo Yusuf
Ishrat Zahan
Anila Zemblaku
Yanfeng Zhou
Ainice Zosa

Directors and Officers

President: Stephen Males, LL.B
Secretary: Minodora Grigorescu, M.Ed.
Treasurer: Nick Tsimidis, CPA
Director: Bob Monteiro, BA
Director: Rachael Simser, MA
Past President: Stan Smyer, BA

Executive Director

Spyros Volonakis

Business, Financial and Program Advisors

Andrea Young, RD
BDO Canada, LLP
Douglas R. Varty CPA, CA
Jasmine Aitken, OCT
Sue Hunter

Chartered Accountants (Auditors)

KRP LLP Chartered Professional Accountants

Legal Advisors

WeirFoulds LLP
Crawford Chondon & Partners LLP
Rae Christen Jeffries LLP

Management Team

Christina Michelle Malakovski
Maria Katsigarakis
Nadia Stirpe
Luis Varessis
Lei Wan

Affiliated Providers

Sahra Abdi
Khamar Abdinoor
Faiza Abdulkadir
Hayat Abdulla
Saynab Abdullahi
Safia Abdullahi
Hamdi Adam
Juhaara Ahmed
Hindo Ahmed
Nazli Ali
Tahani Ali
Mareah Anwar
Samim Badat
Safiya Badat
Maria Borges
Shaneeza Buchana
Tahera Chaudhry
Julia Chaves
Zahro Daqane
Mariam Darman
Carmen De Melo
Maria DeFreitas
Seylon Dirie
Teresa Domingos
Rita Evans Sealy
Zahra Farah
Marcia Griffith
Yordanos Habte
Maryam Hassan
Marian Hussein
Ishmail Iman
Ubax Aden Isak
Kaltom Isse
Amina Jama
Lidea Jimenez
Sarah Joseph St. Marie
Jeevakanathan Kanthan
Jaqueline Keane
Dorothy Kessie
Kawser Khan
Yeasmin Khanam
Carol Limas
Muneera Mahmood
Rahel Mamo Siber
Maritza Martinez
Saron Mengstu
Malyoun Meraneh

Helan Miah
Suhira Mohamed
Farhia Mohamed
Farhia H Mohamed
Dunia Farah Mohamed
Hamso Mohamed
Shukri Mohamud
Sofia Mohamud
Fartun Mohamud
Mariam Murphy
Agdomar Nessa
Faduma Nur
Kin Nur
Fatima Omar
Fardowsa Omar
Lula Omar Ege
Sadia Osman
Maria Pacheco
Rowena Parbu
Cristina Pardo
Saajida Pathan
Maria Penacho
Leila Persaud
Pearl Quash
Judith Rasuki
Teresa Renda
Mulki Said
Seydy Salinas
Hodan Samatar
Ramona Sanchez
Shamkumarie Sheebachan
Haji Shukra
Aisha Siddiqa
Humera Siddiqi
Aden Suddis
Colleen Sutton
Bithi Talukder
Luna Tawelede
Angelina Valdez
Yolanda Valencia
Nafisa Varachhia
Hamida Varachhia
Alice Warren
Fadumo Warsame
Maritza Wong
Amal Yacob
Amino Yalahow
Fathiya Yusuf

Community Partners and Funding Agencies

Ontario Ministry of Education

City of Toronto Children’s Services

Toronto District Catholic School Board

Home Child Care Association of Ontario (HCCAO)

Canadian Child Care Federation
Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre
Four Villages Community Health Centre
Home Child Care Association of Toronto (HCCAT)
Macaulay Child Development Centre
Mothercraft College
Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care
Ontario Studies in Education (OISE)
Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre
Quality Early Learning Network (QELN)

Past Annual Reports

Five young children are hanging out in a play room

2012 Annual Report

A young girl and a woman play on a swinging rope

2013 Annual Report

A young girl and a woman sit at a table eating dinner

2014 Annual Report

Four young children sit at a table colouring

2015 Annual Report

Four young children sit on the floor and raise their hands with excitement

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