Welcome to Network’s August Newsletter. We continue with the summer version of the Newsletter highlighting lighter content to allow for a quick review for our readers during this busy month. We hope you enjoy this edition. Happy Summer!

Simcoe Day

August 7th in Ontario is the Civic Holiday which, interestingly enough, is not considered a statutory holiday but more of a municipal holiday. Each municipality throughout Ontario recognizes a noteworthy individual. In Toronto, this day has been referred to as “Simcoe Day” celebrating the life of John Graves Simcoe.

Network Child Care Services and its Programs will be closed on the August 7th Civic Holiday.

National Book Lovers Day

“Have you read any good books lately?” is often the question on August 9th, which is National Book Lovers Day! This special day offers us a reminder to take a few moments and pick up our favourite book for a delightful read. Shared reading opportunities with children may also be celebrated on this day, as we are never too young or old to enjoy a great book.

World Photography Day

The latter part of this month celebrates World Photography Day on August 19th. With the advancement in technology, the use of cellular phones has meant that taking photos is more accessible than ever before. Launched in 2009 by Australian photographer Korske Ara, this special day has circled the globe with more than 500 million active photographers to date. This year’s theme for World Photography Day is clouds.

When people are asked about their most precious possessions, often the response is their photographs, particularly of family members near and far.

National Beach Day

The tide rolls in on August 30th to celebrate National Beach Day! Since 2014, this special day has brought awareness to our beaches in the hopes of maintaining them as clean and safe spaces for everyone to enjoy. Often the beach is where children experience their first sensations of sand as a textured material, which can be shaped and molded with the use of water.

Good Books Are Not Hard To Find!

August is usually a very warm month in Toronto, filled with days of summer activities. Interestingly enough, one of these special days encourages the importance of reading. Luckily, print material is readily available, not just with the use of technology (as a last resort), but with a visit to one of the 100 Toronto Public Library locations.

Reading to children on a daily basis encourages language development at any age, but the benefits of reading are lifelong. Often the struggle to read stems from the search for time, however, like scheduling a meal or a nap, making time to read with your child should also be considered a vital activity conducted each day.

Physical books, compared to digital books, are tangible items which can be held by children regardless of their reading ability. The activity of turning pages in a book and visualizing the sequence of events throughout a story gives children the opportunity to actively engage in the messages imparted to them. This becomes incredibly evident when children are offered the choice between a physical book, or a book displayed to them on a screen. Just notice the difference when visiting your local library. The engagement is palpable!