Annual Report 2018

Expanding Horizons

Photo: Lansing Early Years & Child Care Centre

Mission Statement & Core Values


To provide exceptional early learning experiences and child care services to children and their families in a community of diverse needs.


Network operates and delivers services and programs guided by a shared belief in core values and principles. Network values:

  • Children, families, their needs, and the needs of their community, as the pivotal purpose of our ambition.
  • Mutual respect, diversity, inclusiveness, and equity in all its services and decision-making practices.
  • Positive and responsive engagement and ongoing communication with parents/guardians for their unique strengths, perspectives and contributions to our program that will enable us to best meet their child’s needs.
  • The dedicated Staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers and their professional contribution, continuous professional learning, and commitment to Network’s mission statement and goals.
  • Liaisons with community partners and resources who provide opportunities for the children to develop close connections with a wide range of community supports.

I would really like to thank Network Child Care for providing me with a wonderful person like Jeeva. She is a compassionate, understanding, trusting human being. She treats my daughter like she is her own daughter. Every day Kunga is so excited and happy to go to Jeeva’s house. Sometimes I think words are not enough to praise this wonderful caring caregiver for my daughter. Being a single mother and working so hard, I feel Jeeva was god’s gift for Kunga and me...

—Namgyal, Parent in Home Child Care

Board President’s and Executive Director’s Report


We welcome you to Network Child Care Services’ 28th year of operation. Our long tradition of providing outstanding child care to the families of Toronto continued this year, as we maintained our existing Centre and Home Child Care locations while also opening many new sites.

As we reflect on 2018, we are reminded of a song a very famous caregiver sang to the children in her care:

"Anything can happen if you let it.
Sometimes things are difficult
but you can bet it doesn’t have to be so
changes can be made.
You can move a mountain if you use a larger spade.”

She also told the children to “Stretch your mind beyond fantastic. Dreams are made of strong elastic.” That child care provider was none other than Mary Poppins. Her guidance and care for Jane and Michael was legendary. She made the impossible, possible. Who wouldn’t love having Mary Poppins as their caregiver?

We begin our report with these thoughts because they capture Network Child Care Services’ vision and spirit in so many marvellous ways. 2018 was a year for Network to broaden its horizons, to reach new heights, and to expand its operations on several fronts. The agency continued to “stretch its mind beyond fantastic”, knowing that it was supported by the tireless and unwavering commitment of its talented, professional Staff and resourceful affiliated Home Child Care Providers.

Our specific efforts in the past year focused on the following endeavours:

  • The acquisition of Lansing Child Care Centre, located at 49 Bogert Avenue, Toronto, in the Yonge & Sheppard area;
  • The operation of Before & After School Programs at St. Victor and Annunciation Catholic Schools;
  • The accelerated opening of 15 new licensed Home Child Care premises to meet market demand;
  • The approval of funding to initiate infant programs at Network’s Group Centre, Just Kids, Jubilee and St. Nicholas Child Care Centres;
  • The continued provision of continuing education for all Centre Staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers. Specific sessions included:
    • How Does Learning Happen? pedagogical training for all 140 Centre staff and Supervisors;
    • Mental Health First Aid course for affiliated Home Child Care Providers;
    • Practical Programming Techniques;
    • Quality Assurance Guidelines as mandated by the City of Toronto Children’s Services;
    • Practicing Behaviour Guidance;
    • Effective Menu Planning;
    • Ethics;
    • Building Strong Partnerships;
    • STEM Activities for Preschool/School Age Programs;
    • Navigating the CPL Portfolio Cycle;
    • Guiding Self-Regulation in Toddlers and Preschoolers;
    • Running Your Home Child Care Business: Organizing Your Way to Success;
    • Building Quality in Licensed Child Care;
    • Communication Strategies.

Furthermore, the following activities took place in 2018:

  • Continued efforts with the provision of nutritious and healthy meals;
  • The continued streamlining of the Accounting Department with the full implementation of the ADP payroll platform;
  • The enhancement of Human Resources practices and procedures; and
  • The enrichment of Network’s support and consultation to affiliated Home Child Care Providers and their premises.

In addition, Network continued to be an active participant at various consultation tables and committees concerned with the ongoing policy developments in early years and child care.

We would be remiss if we did not recognize up front that as we expand our horizons, we will certainly encounter new challenges and new growing pains. But as we set challenging goals, we are confident that we will discover the real depths of our abilities and skills and will achieve what we set out to do. With that spirit in mind, we take this opportunity to acknowledge the ongoing assistance and support of the Ontario Ministry of Education, the City of Toronto Children’s Services, and the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Network truly appreciates their efforts and will look forward to their valued support and encouragement. We would like to reassure them of our continued commitment to deliver programs of the highest calibre that are grounded on our principles of excellence, responsibility, and integrity.

We would also like to extend our most sincere thanks and appreciation to all the parents and families who trust us daily with the safety and care of their children. Their confidence in our programs and services has been essential to Network’s success. We would like to reassure them that our efforts are designed to offer the best to each and every child.

Finally, we would like to extend a very warm and heartfelt thank you to Network’s Board of Directors for their thoughtful insights and valued leadership, as well as all the Advisors, individuals and community partners who have contributed to Network’s advancement over the past year! To come back to Mary Poppins’ advice that “Anything Can Happen If You Let It”, we are especially grateful for their respective willingness to share in our vision and to allow Network to reach new heights.


2018 Highlights

2019 Initiatives
  • Planned construction of Infant care spaces at Jubilee, Group Centre, Just Kids and St. Nicholas Child Care Centre locations;
  • Opening of new child care facilities at Bendale Acres Long-Term Care and proposed relocation of St. Nicholas Child Care Centre to a similar senior’s facility in order to satisfy Network’s intention to deliver support for intergenerational programs;
  • Continue to stabilize support systems during the current growth cycle;
  • Integrate all phone systems into one centralized set-up, responsible for routing all incoming communication ;
  • Develop a plan to move current Head Office functions to a larger facility in order to better support expanded support staff and Management, and provide better permanent meeting space.

2018 Year In Numbers

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Professional training hours


Centre locations

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Focus On:

Lansing Early Years Learning & Child Care Centre

In September 2018, Lansing opened its doors to families, welcoming children aged infants to preschoolers. Located in the Lansing United Church, this facility offers quality programming and care for families in the metropolitan North York neighbourhood surrounding Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue.

Network Child Care Services, in partnership with the Lansing United Church and the City of Toronto Children’s Services present a brand-new space with spacious rooms and adjacent outdoor play areas to create the optimal learning environment for play-based programming, based on the fundamentals of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s ELECT Framework and How Does Learning Happen? Pedagogy.

Network Child Care Services and the Lansing Child Care Centre are excited to deliver quality learning and care in the Yonge and Sheppard neighbourhood for many years to come.

We value or children’s individual development and uniqueness to bring up their full potential within our diverse and inclusive environment.

—Juvelyn Grospe, Supervisor at Lansing

St. Victor and Annunciation Before and After School Programs

In collaboration with the Toronto Catholic District School Board, Network Child Care Services opened two further child care programs in September of 2018, with the creation of the St. Victor Catholic School Before and After Program and the Annunciation Catholic School Before and After Child Care Program.

St. Victor and Annunciation are both located in Scarborough, caring for kindergarten and school-aged children. Each program offers unique quality care and learning opportunities, from after school sports to homework support.

Both Before and After School Programs follow the regulations under the Ministry of Education’s Child Care and Early Years Act (2014) while also aiming to exceed the criteria set forth in the City of Toronto’s Assessment for Quality Improvement. Network Child Care Services, in conjunction with the St. Victor and Annunciation Before and After School Programs, looks forward to offering continuing care and education to kindergarten and school age children in the Scarborough area!

A parent said to me, ‘We have been waiting for this for years. Finally we have it now.’ We are very proud of the opening of Annunciation Before & After School Program, as we are providing child care for those families, and providing a warm, nurturing and fun learning environment for children.

—Cherrie Li, Supervisor at Annunciation

Home Child Care and Affiliated Providers

When Network Child Care Services was established in 1991, it started as a Home Child Care Agency with one affiliated Provider, and eight children. Twenty-seven years later, in December of 2018, our program has expanded to 80 Licensed Home Child Care premises with over 300 children in care.

In 2018, Network undertook a reworking of its Home Child Care business model with the establishment of a dedicated team of Quality Assurance Consultants, a unique Family Intake service, and the creation of a Program Supervisor position to oversee the department. Long-time Network Supervisor Lisa Guarini joined the Home Child Care team early in the year and began a focused recruitment project to bring on more Providers in high volume areas. Throughout the expansion process, applicants and their premises were thoroughly vetted with a staged process based on full compliance with CCEYA (2014) requirements and City of Toronto AQI standards. This resulted in a 15% increase of capacity by the end of the year, with further growth planned for 2019.

We continue to support our affiliated Providers’ ongoing success with home visits, client consultations and administrative backup. Network also focuses on providing a variety of training opportunities during the year to allow affiliated Providers to network with fellow peers, share ideas, and further develop skills in early childhood education and care.

As Network Child Care Services looks to the future of the Home Child Care program, we are delighted to work with determined and hardworking affiliated Providers to create nurturing quality home child care spaces for a diverse and ever-changing Toronto.

Network Management, Consultants and affiliated Providers are committed to meeting the diverse needs of the children in our care, and their families.

—Lisa Guarini, Program Supervisor, Licensed Home Child Care


Year ending December 31, 2018

Subsidized Child Care Fees (54.0%) $8,334,445

Child Care Fees (24.0%) $3,697,981

Grant Revenue (21.8%) $3,364,942

Other Revenue (0.2%) $37,417

Total Revenue $15,434,785


Salaries and Benefits (59.5%) $8,985,099

Provider & Contractor Fees (17.4%) $2,631,293

Occupancy Costs (8.3%) $1,252,924

Program (5.7%) $859,082

Food (4.3%) $644,187

Office and Administrative (3.9%) $582,592

Amortization (1.0%) $152,900

Total Expenses $15,108,068

Revenue Over Expenses $326,717

Note: Copies of financial statements audited by Ramesar & Associates CA Professional Corporation, may be provided upon request.

Staff Members/Providers

2018 Centre Staff

Nasra Abdi

Marlon Agard

Zewditu Akele

Mosa Nazma Akter

Nahida Akter

Asma Akther

Maria Alberga

Isabel Alvarez

Roshini Arithas

Aurea Arredondo

Michelle Arsenault

Sabicca Arumuganathan

Sangita Aryal

Hana Abebe Ayalew

Runi Bagom

Alicia Baker

Abbegale Baldwin

Mariama Bangura

Padma Banjade

Ana Baptista

Mariam Baroi

Amaneh Barzegari

Thulasimalar Bastiampillai

Ma Richel Bautista

Evadne Benn

Yongzhu Bi

Alphine Bondoc

Chona Borbon

Sandy Botelho

Elias Bougharios

Nardia Buchanan

Niharika Budhraja

Arminda Bulatao

Crisanto Paulo Bustamante

Marites Butt

Sonia Calouro

Jessica Calouro

Juana Balbina Caycho

Shu Yi Cen

Wing Chan

Yuk-Ying Chan

Chin Yao Chang

Carla Maria Chavarria

Kangzhen Chen

Yan Lan Chen

Smita Choudhury

Lei Chu

Stephanie Chin Yu Chung

Chickeeta Clarke

Cynthia Clarke

Nelia Cordeiro

Virginia Cuadro

Reetu Daddar

Barbara De Cicco

Loretta Delos Angeles

Harsha Desai

Gregoria Directo

Melany Dogino

Anita Dukharan

Thelma Dumaquion

Neletia Edwards

Petall Edwards

Sabana Eidi

Maureen Rose Everatt

Juecong Fang

Piera Fasulo-Matajic

Tasneem Fatima

Cristina Fernandes-Furtado

Diane Frias

Amanda Fulton

Megan Mae Gallant-Samanica

Razia Ghani

Ethan Godinho

Cynthia Gonzalez

Yolanda Grant

Juvelyn Grospe

Italia Lisa Guarini

Georgia Hadjicosta

Teri Harley

Tashaya Harris

Monica Hayford

Jing He

Yu Juan Ivy He

Joadyn Saydi Hippolyte

Shari-Ann Holmes

Fei Fei Huang

Sivakarthika Inthiragulasingam

Fardoshi Islam

Audrey James

Antoinnia Briana James

Priti Jangi

Eddie Jara

Anushi Jay

Qiu Ying Jiang

Emely Juan

Dimitra Kampyli

Lucy Kapocho

Manpreet Kaur

Yadwinder Kaur

Pritpal Kaur

Laya Khatamian

Baby Khilji

Selamawit Kidane

Helen Hyun Ju Lee

Agnes Lee Li Nee

Maribel Leon

Nadia Leslie

Pauline Levert

Jacqueline Levy

Mingyu Cherrie Li

Xue Lian Li

Lindita Lika

Min Yan Lin

Maricel Mejia Linga

Wan Chi Liu

Natalie Lloyd

Kugapriya Logeswaran

Leanne Lowes

Damali Lubega

Effie Jane Maclean

Athenna Magno

Min Yu Mai

Danica Joy Manguera

Luciana Marino

Antonia Mastrella

Arta Mici

Taeko Mizukami

Vincenza Modica

Christina Modopoulos

Aneesah Mohamed

Rubena Naeem

Zuhur Omar

Angela Oropeza Diaz

Vesna Ostojic

Nadine Ottley

Victoria Pacheco

Patricia Pacheco

Sally Medeiros Pacheco

Inthuja Packiaraja

Dianne Palhinha

Nick Pappas

Deomattie Persaud

Michelle Pimentel

Kahseendah Pompey

Rehana Akter Popy

Diana Powell

Julie Poya-Lama

Leonora Prado

Sayida Binish Qadir

Tanvir Quader

Wilma Regala

Raven Olivia Reid

Hedda Reyes

Monica Richardson

Pina Rinella-Papp

Blessi Santiago

Francesca Santoro

Christelle Sayers

Debbie Seerattan

Amie Serra

Ismat Shaikh

Sahana Begum Shaikh

Natasha Sheikh

Yanje Sherpa

Marlene Silva - Armas

Harmandeep Kaur Simmak

Susy Simoes

Emma Simon

Sonia Laurell Simon

Sandhya Singh

Kerian Smith

Tomislava Stanisic

Vanessa Sterling

Stellina Alexandra Stratis

Mbesseh Yolanda Subinsoille

Jadwiga Szajner

Juana Tealdo

Kanya Thapa

Vinitha Tharumalingam

Vasiliki Theocharopoulou

Emma Toste

Sandra Vincent

Effie Vrazalis

Andrea Walker

Guixia Wang

Chong Wen Wang

Elma Wedderburn

Lititia White

Harlene Arlene Williams

Brianca Witter-Henry

Karen Ho Lam Wong

Wei-Ning Wu

Qing Feng Wu

Fang Xiao

Sambavi Yasotharan

Holly Hao Yin

Madina Yokubbaeva

Ishrat Zahan

Aygun Zargari

Anila Zemblaku

Su Chen Zheng

Directors and Officers

Mr. Stephen Males, LL.B - President

Ms. Gina Papadakis - Secretary

Mr. Nick Tsimidis, CPA - Treasurer

Ms. Aira Aitken - Director

Ms. Minodora Grigorescu - Director

Mr. Stan Smyer - Past President

Executive Director

Spyros Volonakis

Business and Financial Advisors

Hunter Consultants

BDO Canada, LLP

Ms. Andrea Young, RD

Douglas R. Varty CPA, CA


Chartered Accountants (Auditors)

Ramesar & Associates Chartered Public Accountants

Legal Advisors

Iryna Iwachiw LL.B, LL.M

Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP

Dale & Lessmann LLP

WeirFoulds LLP

Management Team

Christina Michelle Malakovski

Maria Katsigarakis

Nadia Stirpe – Georgiou

Luis Varessis

Lei Wan

Head Office

Jasmine Aitken

Sally Bacchus

Katie Cavasin

Michael Desayeux-Gomes

Gregory Duma's

Nancy Hoang

Jane Zhiqian Huang

Elizabeth Menchinton

Nisha Pitroda

Doris Isabel Risso-Rocco

Rachael Simser

2018 Providers

Khamar Abdinoor

Hayat Abdulla

Saynab Abdullahi

Martha Acosta

Suddis Aden

Abla Adenjigis

Juharra Abdule Ahmed

Nazli Ali

Mareah Anwar

Safiya Badat

Samim Badat

Maria Borges

Shaneeza Yvonne Buchana

Shahida Butt

Zoia Chala-Gutierrez

Tahera Chaudhry

Julia Chavez

Zahro Da Quane

Mariam Darman

Maria DaSilva

Carmen De Melo

Seylon Dirie

Teresa Domingos

Anuva Dutta

Blessing Eke

Rita Evans Sealy

Dunia Farah

Zahra Farah

Ana Isabel Fuchs

Penolia Gray

Xenia Hasbun

Marian Hussein

Kaltom Ahmed Isse

Meena Jabar

Sathyananthy Jeevakanathan

Lidia Jimenez

Avis Joseph

Jacqueline Keane

Kawser Khan

Yeasmin Khanam

Carol Limas

Bilkis Mahida

Muneera Mahmood

Beatriz Marin Allendes

Maritza Martinez

Saron Mengstu

Malyoun Meraneh

Helan Miah

Farhia Husien Mohamed

Farhia Mohamed

Suhira Mohamed

Hamso Mohamed

Sofia Mohamud

Fartun Mohamud

Lilian Moreira

Mariam Omoyemi Murphy

Faduma Mohamed Nur

Fardowsa Omar

Fatima Omar

Lula Osman Omar

Rowena Parbu

Saajida Pathan

Maria Penacho

Lilowatie Persaud

Amalia Pibiri

Pearl Quash Russell

Judith Rasuki

Teresa Renda

Hodan Samatar

Ramona Sanchez

Maria Seco

Humera Siddiqi

Aneela Sohail-Shiekh

Luna Tewelde

Martha Torres

Hamida Moosaji Varachhia

Nafisa Varachhia

Maria Veiga

Fadumo Yusuf Warsame

Amal Yacob

Community Partners and Funding Agencies

Ministry of Education

City of Toronto

Toronto District Catholic School Board

Home Child Care Association of Ontario (HCCAO)

Canadian Association of Exposition Managers

Canadian Child Care Federation

Coalition for Better Child Care

City of Toronto, District Child Care Advisory

City of Toronto, Every Child Belongs

Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre

The Four Villages Community Health Centre

Home Child Care Association of Toronto

Mothercraft College

Ontario Studies in Education (OISE)

Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre

Quality Early Learning Network (QELN)


“I’m so grateful for the Lansing Daycare where in I can fully entrust my child while I’m at work. The teachers are so loving and caring as well.”

- Julie, parent at Lansing

Thank you for the last two years of your love, support and passion [...]. It’s comforting to see all of you are there to keep them safe and foster their learning. You will all have a special place in their and our hearts.

- Parent of Wade

Thank you for being Faiz’s family away from home for the past 2.5 years! Under your care, he has grown and blossomed into a confident, cheerful and intelligent little preschooler and we are so grateful for you for this…

- Syeda and Zahri, parents at Metamorphosis

My family would like to thank you for all your support and loving care to Joseph, although he has only been with you all for a short time, he has already improved in many ways and cannot stop talking about you all at home.

- parent at Satellite

As a parent, I would say Jubilee Child Care Centre promotes a positive learning environment. Staff interactions with the children and parents are greatly appreciated. I would recommend for any family to join this positive and caring team.

- Parent at Jubilee

We both thank you all for the wonderful teachable moments for Ayden and me. You all have made a large impact on our lives. Ayden has blossomed to be a wonderful kid due to the love and care from all of you. We both had a lot of fun and it was a wonderful experience being at Network

- Angelina, Parent at Satellite

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