Annual Report 2017

Building Capacity

Provider Aneela in her Licenced Home Child Care Premises

Mission Statement & Core Values


To provide exceptional early learning experiences and child care services to children and their families in a community of diverse needs.


Network operates and delivers services and programs guided by a shared belief in core values and principles. Network values:

  • Children, families, their needs, and the needs of their community, as the pivotal purpose of our ambition.
  • Mutual respect, diversity, inclusiveness, and equity in all its services and decision-making practices.
  • Positive and responsive engagement and ongoing communication with parents/guardians for their unique strengths, perspectives and contributions to our program that will enable us to best meet their child’s needs.
  • The dedicated Staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers and their professional contribution, continuous professional learning, and commitment to Network’s mission statement and goals.
  • Liaisons with community partners and resources who provide opportunities for the children to develop close connections with a wide range of community supports.

Both Gabriel and I are so grateful that you were all willing to accept Lucas as he is, with all his strengths and weaknesses. From taking my calls (for a time almost every day because I couldn’t drop him off nor pick him up after school but wanted to hear from you how he was doing) to enthusiastically sharing videos of his new gained skills, we truly do not have words to express the deepest gratitude we felt in entrusting Lucas (and his asynchronous development!) in your care. He has come such a long way in this last two years and I know for a fact that you all played a very important role in this.

—Renata & Gabriel, parents

Board President’s and Executive Director’s Report


Welcome to Network’s 27th year in providing licensed, early years and child care services to families with young children in Toronto.

Our journey over the past twenty-six years has permitted us to experience and pursue years of measured growth and stability with integrity and success. In the face of evolving child care imperatives and legislative directives, we reconfigured our various services, but we did so without any compromise to our core value that every child is a unique individual and deserves the best child care program possible. Our successes would not have been achieved without the dedicated and tireless efforts of Network’s professional, talented and dedicated Staff and affiliated resourceful Home Child Care Providers.

In 2017, Network’s efforts were focused on the following endeavours:

  • The implementation of new Regulations associated with the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014;
  • The ongoing provision of continuing education for all Staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers. Specific sessions included:
    • Working with Families;
    • Quality Assurance Guidelines as mandated by the City of Toronto Children’s Services;
    • Every Child Belongs: Meeting the needs of every child attending Network’s programs and services;
    • Effective Menu Planning;
    • Running Your Home Child Care Business: Organizing Your Way to Success;
    • Making Props and Toys: Creating Quality Play Materials;
    • Behaviour Guidance;
    • Building Quality in Licensed Child Care;
    • Communication strategies.
  • The acquisition of Jubilee Child Care Centre, located at 55 Emmet Avenue in the north-west quadrant of Toronto;
  • Continued efforts with the provision of nutritious and healthy meals;
  • The continued streamlining of the Accounting Department with the full implementation of Microsoft NAV and the preparation of the ADP payroll platform for implementation in 2018;
  • The realignment and enhancement of Human Resources practices, procedures and protocols; and
  • The enrichment of Network’s support and consultation to affiliated Home Child Care Providers and their premises.

In addition, Network continued to be an active participant at various consultation tables and committees concerned with the ongoing policy developments in early years and child care.

As we plan for building capacity at Network, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the ongoing assistance and support of the Ministry of Education, the City of Toronto Children’s Services, and the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Network truly appreciates their efforts and will continue to look forward to their valued support and committed encouragement.

We would also like to extend our most sincere thanks and appreciation to all parents and families who have trusted Network to care for their children. Their confidence in our programs and services has been both impactful and crucial to Network’s success.

As our Organization reflects on this past year, we at Network remain committed to child care delivery of the highest calibre throughout all our programs. Network was founded on strong principles, and we are proud to uphold those principles with excellence, responsibility, and integrity as we continue our commitment of service. Finally, a very warm and heartfelt thank you to Network’s Board of Directors for their thoughtful insight and committed leadership, as well as all the Advisors, individuals and community partners who have contributed to Network’s advancement over the past year!


Program Philosophy/Goals

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Children are capable, competent, curious, and rich in potential. Network collaborates with children, their families and with each other as educators to create high quality early learning and care environments that take a strength based approach to learning and development in which children, parents and educators are co-learners.

Network also believes that all children and their families are entitled to equal opportunity to access high quality early childhood educational programs, in a diversely enriched, and inclusive learning environment. Children should be provided with experiences which build positive self-esteem and confidence, and supports their emotional, social, creative, academic, and physical needs and development. It provides opportunity and freedom to make choices, celebrates accomplishments, promotes self-respect and respect for others, and encourages responsibility.

Network recognizes parents and guardians that have the primary responsibility for the care, education, and advocacy of their children. It supports parents’ and guardians’ involvement in their child’s early learning and development, and recognizes parents’ and guardians’ participation as an integral part of their child’s learning and development.

Finally, it recognizes all Staff for their commitment to maintain professional standards, their dedication to the development and education of children, and their skills, knowledge, and qualifications. Network also values and supports its staff in all aspects of their professional endeavors and growth.


Network’s program is based on the Ministry of Education’s pedagogy for learning and the How Does Learning Happen? framework. Network aims to strengthen the quality of its programs, and ensure that children and their families obtain high quality services and experiences that are grounded in a sense of belonging, which consistently provides children and families a sense of well-being, engagement, and expression.

To meet its goals, Network works collaboratively to cultivate respectful relationships and connections that create a sense of belonging among and between children, adults, and the community; nurture each child’s healthy development and support their growing sense of self and well-being; as well as provide positive early learning environments in progressively enriched child-oriented programs, that engage children in active, creative, and meaningful exploration and learning.

Reflecting our philosophy and core values, Network is committed to provide children with positive learning experiences that will support and enhance their health, nutrition, development in language, intellectual growth, physical growth, social and emotional skills, within a safe, healthy, child-oriented environment where each child is safe, valued, and respected.

2017 Highlights

2018 Initiatives
  • Acquisition of new child care sites and expansion of Before and After School services
  • Increase in the number of Licensed Home Child Care Premises and HCC support staff
  • Roll-out of Website Project: Phase 2, including expanded information and photo galleries for each Child Care Centre on Locator page, and complete AODA accessibility review
  • Expansion of Branding and Outreach programs through brochures, targeted on-site marketing and online services, using the new logo and web supports

Year In Numbers

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Professional training hours


Centre locations

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Number of languages spoken

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Children served (in event childcare)


Focus On:

Jubilee Early Years & Child Care Centre

Jubilee Daycare was established in 1984 to meet the growing needs of the York-South Weston Community. In those 30+ years, Jubilee consistently provided quality care to thousands of young residents and has actively participated with community partners like West Park Health Care Centre to help expose children to social responsibility skills through integration programs and field trips.

In addition to onsite care, Jubilee offers escorts to three schools in the area: Our Lady of Victory Catholic School, Portage Trail Community School and Bala Public School.

The Centre is designed with the specific needs of children 18 months to 12 years of age and delivers a program inspired by the Ministry of Education’s How Does Learning Happen pedagogy. Jubilee follows all Ministry regulations contained in the Child Care and Early Years Act (2014) and strives to exceed quality guidelines set out in the City of Toronto’s Assessment for Quality Improvement.

Network Child Care Services and Jubilee look forward to many years serving the Weston area and its families.

We are committed to providing our children with opportunities to build life-long learning skills in a secure and stimulating environment.

—Francesca Santoro, Jubilee Supervisor

New Network Website

In July 2017, Network completed a comprehensive review of its current web offering and undertook the design and creation of a whole new site to better serve existing families and potential new clients. There was a need to update and streamline important information and add the ability to apply for services online. It was also important to begin centralizing the contact experience and tracking process through Network Head Office via a reliable electronic medium.

Key Features:

  • Three child care services detailed, with specific benefits to the client: Child Care Centres; Home Child Care Locations; Onsite Event Care
  • Links to useful sites for families including the City of Toronto subsidy application page, the Child Care and Early Years Act (2014), City AQI Quality Guidelines, and our program details
  • Find-a-Location Map, where users can enter their postal code or address and instantly find the closest Child Care Centre or Home Child Care Zone
  • Mobile device compatibility, including autodial phone function and full Location Map access

Additional Features:

  • Top-of-page hotspot keys to take users directly to the Location Map or Child Care Application
  • Access on the bottom of every page to the Child Care Application
  • Online Application for opening new Home Child Care Locations
  • Language translator to convert each page’s text
  • Resources List and How to Choose Quality Child Care section
  • Comprehensive description of Network Philosophy, Goals and Curriculum
  • Current Annual Report posted as online version with extended content
  • Full site compatibility with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

Phase 1: Completed

  • Operating website with Application Process and Location Map

Phase 2: Projected End of 2018

  • Extended Centre location information and galleries
  • Password portals for Families and Staff/Providers

Report on the Child Care Sector

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The early learning and child care sector continues to be growing at a rapid pace: new spaces, increased funding for educators and home child care providers affiliated with a licensed Home Child Care Agency and more affordable care for families and new regulations. This brief document provides an update on key initiatives and activities that will have an impact on the operations of Network Child Care Services.

It is important to note that there will be a provincial election in Ontario on June 7, 2018. Municipal elections are scheduled for October 22, 2018. The outcome of these elections, most particularly the provincial vote, is likely to have an impact on the new and continuing initiatives identified below.


  • 2.2 billion dollar investment announced in the 2018 Budget:
    • Free preschool spaces beginning in 2020
    • More and better support of educators in the early learning and care sector
    • Increased funding for operations
    • Increase affordability for parents of infants and toddlers
    • Additional services on reserve for Indigenous children and their families
  • More than 35,000 of the 100,000 proposed new spaces announced at the end of 2017 have been implemented and additional capital investments will create 14,000 more spaces by 2024;
  • A new funding model for regulated, licensed home child care has been introduced. Agencies will now be core funded on a home by home basis as opposed to by each child connected with the agency;
  • In the Municipality of Toronto the number of children in premises affiliated with licensed Home Child Care Agencies have increased to six;
  • Effective September 2017 schools were required to ensure before and after school care for children ages 6 to 12 (not just for Full Day Kindergarten children) where demand was high enough;
  • Additional new regulations have been tabled to support the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014;
  • There is additional funding for educators and home child care providers affiliated with a licensed Home Child Care Agency;
  • Continued movement on a new service delivery model for family support programs including Ontario Early Years Centres and family resource programs. As of 2018, all family support programs fall under the EarlyOn brand.
1) Increased Early Learning and Care Funding
  1. a. $162.5 million additional dollars over three years beginning in January 2019.
    1. i. Will be flowed to municipalities to:
      1. 1. Increase access to subsidized child care;
      2. 2. Reduce or eliminate fee subsidy waiting lists;
      3. 3. Support decreases in fees to parents
  2. b. Capital funding to create an additional 14,000 spaces (over and above the 100,000 already promised).
  3. c. An additional $90 million in 2018/2019 to support continued implementation of the already promised 100,000 spaces:
    1. i. $53 million to create at least 4,200 fee subsidies;
    2. ii. $26 million to establish base funding for licensed home child care agencies.
      1. 1. Successful implementation of 100,000 plus new spaces requires expansion of the licensed home child care sector;
      2. 2. The intent of base (or core) funding is to stabilize home child care agencies and to provide more consistent, predictable funding which will support enhanced recruitment and expansion;
      3. 3. $19.5 million of the $26 million will be allocated in 2018;
      4. 4. Funding will flow through the municipalities which means the City of Toronto in the case of Network Child Care Services;
      5. 5. The intent is to reduce administrative costs, increase provider compensation and reduce fees to families.
  4. d. Innovation Fund
    1. i. $30 million (over 2 years) to fund projects and initiatives that suggest innovative solutions and to encourage growth in new ways;
    2. ii. It is anticipated that there will be a call for proposals later in 2018.
2) Ontario’s Renewed Early Years and Child Care Policy Framework (2017) is continuing to be rolled out:
  1. a. Built on 4 Pillars:
  2. b. Outlines the seven key areas of Action:
    1. i. Ensuring a more affordable early years and child care system.
      1. 1. The Province commissioned an Affordability Study, which was recently completed by Dr. Gordon Cleveland.
        1. a. The report makes 32 recommendations to make the child care system more affordable while at the same time developing and expanding the workforce;
        2. b. Based on the Family Income Affordability Model used in the report, child care is “affordable” for 19% of families and “unaffordable” or “completely unaffordable” for 81% of families.;
        3. c. The report recommended free preschool child care;
        4. d. For more information please visit:
    2. ii. Establishing an early years workforce strategy.
      1. 1. The Workforce Study for Early Years and Child Care Employees was completed in February 2018 by R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd.
      2. 2. The report includes a number of recommendations including:
        1. a. The need for a public education campaign about the importance of early childhood education;
        2. b. Enhancing the minimum qualifications for educators;
        3. c. Help to define a career path and career map;
        4. d. Establish an oversight body for the sector;
        5. e. Expand access to professional learning opportunities;
        6. f. Develop a wage grid. (Anticipated in late 2018/early 2019);
        7. g. Revamp the funding model. (Already underway).
    3. iii. Determining a provincial definition of quality in the early years.
      1. 1. The Ministry of Education is committed to begin this process in the fall of 2018;
      2. 2. A number of communities around the Province have initiated discussions related to defining quality. (Network Child Care Services will begin this process in June 2018).
    4. iv. Developing an approach to promoting inclusion in early years and child care settings;
    5. v. Creating outcomes and a measurable strategy;
    6. vi. Increasing public awareness of Ontario’s early years and child care system.
3) Centres of Excellence for the Early Years and Child Care
  1. a. Three Centres of Excellence have now been announced:
    1. i. Provincial Centre of Excellence – Western University and Ontario Reggio Association;
    2. ii. Indigenous Centre of Excellence – Ontario Aboriginal Head Start Association and Kenjgewin Teg Education Institute;
    3. iii. Francophone Centre of Excellence – College Boreal and Association francophone a l’education des services a l’enfance de l’Ontario.
  2. b. The intent is to connect practitioners, education institutes, sector leaders and to promote quality and pedagogical leadership.
4) EarlyON Child and Family Centres
  1. a. The family support sector continues to go through a process of transformation with the coming together of a range of different programs and services into one seamless system;
  2. b. The City of Toronto is now responsible for EarlyOn Child and Family Centres within the city. (Effective January 2018).
5) The Journey Together
  1. a. $70 million dollars over 2 years to support the development and implementation of culturally relevant licensed child care and family support in Indigenous communities by Indigenous service providers;
  2. b. Represents a part of the commitment to Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
6) Continued Regulatory Changes and Amendments related to the Child Care and Early Years Act (2015)
  1. a. Changes were formalized in March 2018 as a result of consultation and discussion. These include:
    1. i. Reducing the administrative burden by removing duplicate and unnecessary existing regulatory requirements;
    2. ii. Strengthening the progressive enforcement model of licensing;
    3. iii. Aligning funding regulations to reflect current funding policies and practices;
    4. iv. A number of language updates.
7) Capital Spending
  1. a. Significant increases to support the expansion commitment;
  2. b. $240 million to support 200 projects totaling 8,440 licensed spaces and 18 EarlyON rooms announced in December 2017. All this expansion is school based;
  3. c. Since 2017, more than 15,000 new school based spaces have been implemented;
  4. d. It is anticipated that there will be further announcements regarding capital funding for the community based sector later in 2018.
The Most Significant Challenge Moving Forward:

Recruiting and retaining highly skilled, experienced educators is the biggest challenge facing the licensed early learning and child care sector in 2018 and is quickly approaching a crisis level. The demand for educators is simply outstripping supply and all agencies and organizations are struggling to manage the staffing shortage.

The Ministry is aware of the crisis as is the City of Toronto and there are a number of initiatives underway to address the crisis. However, it is critical over the coming year(s) that Network Child Care Services continue to develop and implement innovative strategies to recruit and maintain both centre based staff and affiliated home child care providers.

Network Child Care Services has grown considerably over the past several years and continues to expand with a new centre scheduled to open in June 2018. Network Child Care Services is committed to the delivery of high quality programs and services for young children, to supporting educators and affiliated home child care providers through an extensive and comprehensive professional development program and to engaging collaboratively with other sector partners and with all levels of government. As a result, Network Child Care Services has a positive reputation both in the community and with government and will continue to have opportunities to expand the services delivered to meet community needs.

Human Resources Report

Network’s HR Department continues to work on ensuring compliance with provincial and municipal legislation. It has been engaged in meeting objectives related to the following projects:

  1. Working with an independent external HR Consultant, Network conducted a review of its Staff salaries and benefits to restructure the total compensation, to align with municipal funding and guidelines, and to offer Staff a competitive compensation package. The compensation review included a market survey of comparable salaries and benefits. This review will continue in 2018.
  2. Two separate surveys were circulated to all Network Staff, and four focus groups were facilitated to learn more about what the Staff value most and least about Network’s current benefits package. An overview of Network’s funding was also presented and discussed.
  3. Network’s Salary Scales were redesigned, and Staff salaries were adjusted to reflect the restructured pay scales and funding received by the City of Toronto Children’s Services.
  4. In December, Network began the implementation of ADP – Work Force Now, a payroll platform. A training series was facilitated by an external consultant to Supervisors, Assistant Supervisors and Managers. The training provided included creating Staff’s schedules, recording attendance and time off, and approving Staff’s hours for payroll processing. All Staff received access to the ADP platform site to retrieve pay slips, T4 slips and other pertinent information.

How to Choose Quality Licensed Child Care

A Licensed Child Care Service allows children to learn and play in a healthy, secure and friendly environment. Some of the questions a family should ask when looking for quality care are:

  • Is child care what I really want for my child?
  • Do I want it to be close to home or work?
  • Do the hours of operation fit my schedule?
  • Do I need Full Time or Part Time care?
  • Do I need care for more than one child?
  • Do I want to put my child in a child care centre or licensed home child care?
  • Would I feel comfortable leaving my child there?
  • Do I need help with the cost of child care?

A parent or care giver will answer these questions differently according to the situation and needs of their child. There are some features that all families should look for in licensed care. Here are some suggestions to help you with your search:

Start Your Search Early

  • If possible, give yourself 3 to 6 months to find a good program. Many Centres and Home Child Care Locations need lead time to find a spot for you.
  • Contact the City of Toronto Children’s Services for a list of licensed child care agencies. Click here for their Child Care Locator
  • Find out from the city if you are eligible for publicly-funded child care services. Click here for information on the Child Care Fee Subsidy
  • Talk to friends, relatives, neighbours or teachers. They may be able to recommend child care service close to you, based on their experiences.

Compare Your Choices

  • Always visit a service before enrolling a child, no matter how highly the service was recommended. You may want to use this handy checklist when you visit.
  • Visit more than one service if possible so that you can compare the types and quality. The City of Toronto assesses all licensed care agencies each year and families can check these ratings to help them make decisions about care. Click here
  • Talk to the Supervisor or Provider onsite regarding the specific needs of your child

Helpful Questions to Ask Yourself When You Visit

Do you see evidence that the service is licensed?
Are the staff friendly to you, and kind and attentive to the children?
Are children being guided in appropriate ways?
Do children seem to feel included and engaged in the program?
Is the physical space safe, clean and inviting?
Are there are a variety of activities and experiences available to the children and do you see a plan posted for these?
Are the activities and materials right for a child’s age and development?
Can children choose their own activities?
Are there a variety of nutritious meals and snacks on the posted menu?
Is there evidence that staff or Providers participate in continuing education?


Year ending December 31, 2017

Subsidized Child Care Fees (57%) $7,148,041

Child Care Fees (26%) $3,206,276

Grant Revenue (17%) $2,158,170

Other Revenue (0%) $11,129

Total Revenue $12,523,616


Salaries and Benefits (58%) $6,921,844

Provider & Contractor Fees (18%) $2,151,364

Occupancy Costs (9%) $1,019,678

Food (5%) $530,537

Office and Administrative (4%) $511,727

Program (4%) $457,335

Amortization (1%) $157,410

Total Expenses $11,749,896

Revenue Over Expenses $773,720

  • Due to changes in 2017 to government funding and the resulting uncertainties, a 773K excess of revenue over expenses occurred in the current year. It is anticipated that this excess will be used to improve Network’s operations.
  • Copies of financial statements audited by Ramesar & Associates CA Professional Corporation, may be provided upon request.

Staff Members/Providers

Centre Staff

Nasra Abdi

Aziza Abdulaziz

Marlon Agard

Jasmine Aitken

Zewditu Akele

Mosa Nazma Akter

Nahida Akter

Asma Akther

Isabel Alvarez

Roshini Arithas

Aurea Arredondo

Michelle Arsenault

Sangita Aryal

Hana Abebe Ayalew

Shahairazaad Bacchus

Runi Bagom

Alicia Baker

Abbegale Baldwin

Padma Banjade

Ana Baptista

Mariam Baroi

Amaneh Barzegari

Thulasimalar Bastiampillai

Farjana Begum

Evadne Benn

Chona Borbon

Sandy Botelho

Nardia Buchanan

Arminda Bulatao

Marites Butt

Jessica Calouro

Sonia Calouro

Maricel Cantilang

Katie Cavasin

Juana Balbin Caycho

Yuk-Ying Chan

Wing Chan

Chin Yao Chang

Carla Maria Chavarria

Kangzhen Chen

Yan Lan Chen

Lei Chu

Chin Yu Chung

Chickeeta Clarke

Cynthia Clarke

Nelia Cordeiro

Virginia Cuadro

Ahlam Daud

Barbara De Cicco

Loretta Delos Angeles

Harsha Desai

Michael Desayeux-Gomes

Rebecca Devera

Melany Dogino

Anita Dukharan

Thelma Dumaquion

Gregory Duma'S

Neletia Edwards

Sabana Eidi

Maureen Rose Everatt

Juecong Fang

Julia Farrugia

Lorena Farrugia

Piera Fasulo-Matajic

Tasneem Fatima

Careena Fraser

Diane Frias

Amanda Fulton

Megan Mae Gallant-Samanica

Razia Ghani

Karishma Govinda

Juvelyn Grospe

Italia Lisa Guarini

Georgia Hadjicosta

Tashaya Harris

Monica Hayford

Yu Juan Ivy He

Shari-Ann Holmes

Jane Zhiqian Huang

Fei Fei Huang

Jayneil Ince

Fardoshi Islam

Abimbola Iyaniwura

Priti Jangi

Qiu Ying Jiang

Maricris Jose

Emely Juan

Katarina Kafol

Dimitra Kampyli

Lucy Kapocho

Maria Katsigarakis

Symone Kelly

Selamawit Kidane

Pauline Levert

Jacqueline Levy

Jia Li

Lindita Lika

Min Yan Lin

Ling Ivy Lin

Wan Chi Liu

Natalie Lloyd

Kugapriya Logeswaran

Leanne Lowes

Damali Lubega

Effie Jane Maclean

Athenna Magno

Min Yu Mai

Christina Mi Malakovski

Luciana Marino

Luciano Marino

Antonia Mastrella

Eileen Mclean

Arta Mici

Vincenza Modica

Christina Modopoulos

Aneesah Mohamed

Danielle Morra

Kamrun Nessa

Camilla Oliveira

Nadine Ottley

Sally Medeir Pacheco

Patricia Pacheco

Victoria Pacheco

Inthuja Packiaraja

Joana Padilla

Dianne Palhinha

Nick Pappas

Anny Patino

Vanesa Pereira

Deomattie Persaud

Michelle Pimentel

Kahseendah Pompey

Rehana Akter Popy

Julie Poya-Lama

Tanvir Quader

Wilma Regala

Raven Olivia Reid

Hedda Reyes

Pina Rinella-Papp

Doris Isabel Risso-Rocco

Blessi Santiago

Francesca Santoro

Christelle Sayers

Maria Scopelliti

Debbie Seerattan

Amie Serra

Ismat Shaikh

Harmandeep K Simmak

Claudia Simoes

Susy Simoes

Sonia Laurel Simon

Emma Simon

Sandhya Singh

Marlene Slva - Armas

Kerian Smith

Tomislava Stanisic

Vanessa Sterling

Nadia Stirpe-Georgiou

Stellina Ale Stratis

Jadwiga Szajner

Juana Tealdo

Kanya Thapa

Vinitha Tharumalingam

Vasiliki Theocharopoulou

Emma Toste

Luis Varessis

Nanette Villarba

Spyros Volonakis

Effie Vrazalis

Andrea Walker

Lei Wan

Chong Wen Wang

Guixia Wang

Elma Wedderburn

Genalia Weyner

Lititia White

Brianca Witter-Henry

Janice Wright

Wei-Ning Wu

Holly Hao Yin

Yuanchen Zheng

Su Chen Zheng

Directors and Officers

Mr. Stan Smyer - President

Mr. Stephen Males, LL.B - Vice President

Ms. Gina Papadakis - Secretary

Mr. Nick Tsimidis, CPA - Treasurer

Ms. Aira Aitken - Director

Ms. Minodora Grigorescu - Director

Executive Director

Spyros Volonakis

Business and Financial Advisors

Hunter Consultants

BDO Canada LLP

Ms. Andrea Young, RD

Douglas R. Varty CPA, CA, Business and Financial Advisor

Chartered Accountants (Auditors)

Ramesar & Associates Chartered Public Accountants

Legal Advisors

Iryna Iwachiw LL.B, LL.M

Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP

Dale & Lessmann LLP

Management Team

Jasmine Tia Aitken

Christina Katsigarakis

Maria Katsigarakis

Nadia Stirpe – Georgiou

Luis Varessis

Spyros Volonakis

Lei Wan


Hayat Abdulla

Saynab Abdullahi

Martha Acosta

Juhaara Ahmed

Nazli Ali

Safiya Badat

Samim Badat

Maria Borges

Shaneeza (Yvonne) Buchana

Shahida Butt

Zoia Chala-Gutierrez

Tahera Chaudhry

Julia Chavez

Maria Da Silva

Mariam Darman

Carmen De Melo

Seylon Dirie

Teresa Domingos

Anuva Dutta

Blessing Eke

Zahra Farah

Dunia Farah Mohamed

Penolia Gray

Xenia Hasbun

Meena Jabar

Sathyananthy (Jeeva) Jeevakanathan

Lidia Jimenez

Avis Joseph

Jacqueline Keane

Kawser Khan

Yeasmin Ara Khanam

Carol Magly Limas

Bilkis Ahmed Mahida

Muneera Mahmood

Beatriz Marin Allendes

Maritza Martinez

Saron Mengstu

Malyoun Dahir Meraneh

Helan Miah

Farhia Mohamed

Farhia Husien Mohamed

Hamso Mohamed

Suhira Mohamed

Fartun Mohamud

Sofia Mohamud

Lilian Moreira

Faduma Nur

Fardowsa Omar

Fatima Omar

Rowena Parbu

Saajida Khatun Pathan

Maria Penacho

Lilowatie (Leila) Persaud

Pearl Quash

Judith Rasuki

Teresa Renda

Hodan Samatar

Ramona Sanchez

Dorothy Sayles

Maria Seco

Aneela Sheikh

Humera Siddiqi

Martha Torres

Yolanda Valencia

Hamida Moosaji Varachhia

Nafisa Varachhia

Maria Veiga

Community Partners and Funding Agencies

Ministry of Education

City of Toronto

Toronto District Catholic School Board

Home Child Care Association of Ontario (HCCAO)

Canadian Association of Exposition Managers

Canadian Child Care Federation

Coalition for Better Child Care

City of Toronto, District Child Care Advisory

City of Toronto, Every Child Belongs

Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre

The Four Villages Community Health Centre

Home Child Care Association of Toronto

Mothercraft College

Ontario Studies in Education (OISE)

Quality Early Learning Network (QELN)


Thank you Lei for running & managing such a warm friendly centre. It’s like a home away from home.

- Iris and Adam, parents

The staff were great from the beginning and Chloe felt part of the family very soon. It was a relief to see her enjoy coming every day. Sometimes she would ask for the staff at home, or ask to come to daycare on the weekend. All this tells me that she really enjoyed being there.

- Linda, parent

Thank you so much for the tender care and guidance you have given Grant over the last 18 months. We want nothing more than for our son to be happy and it’s been a joy to see him flourish at daycare and learn so much from you and the other teachers.

- Moe and Karen, parents

Pearl does an awesome job, she has an amazing way with children and she genuinely loves the kids and takes pride in what she does for them. I've never left Janiya one day with Pearl and walked away feeling worried. I always knew that Janiya was in the best care possible

- Joyce, parent

We cannot possibly express the extent of our gratitude to each and every one of you for the love and care you have shown to Grayson over the last 2+ years. You are his (and our!) second family and you are so incredibly good at what you do! You have kept him safe and happy and engaged and he has learned so much.

- Patrick and Cayleigh, parents

Past Annual Reports

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2012 Annual Report

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