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    Join Athena and Susan as they review the important steps for writing effective Child Stories in Storypark. We’ll explore a variety of key anchors to make your stories engaging and informative for families, including how to select the best learning tags and how frequently you should post, as well as how to include SP as a part of your regular day. This session will also introduce a new NCCS style guide for all staff to follow when posting in SP. Learning Outcomes Participants will: 1. Review and understand Best Practices for concise and effective messages in Storypark. 2. Explore the scheduling of posting throughout daycare week 3. Become comfortable with the established Network standards for Storypark usage.
    Athena and Susan are back with more tools to boost your Storypark proficiency. We know that families appreciate the information we post about their child’s experience in care but it sometimes feels as though we’re posting into a vacuum. This session will deal with how to engage appropriately with families, choose the right messaging, adapt to family choices and how to write so they write back. Athena will also be demonstrating some new functions available on the IPOD via the Storypark App. Learning Outcomes Participants will: 1. Learn key concepts around family engagement in practice 2. Examine ways to increase responses to postings 3. Explore new engagement tools for the Storypark App
    Network is updating Centre Program Plans and the process for selecting appropriate learning opportunities for each of the Infant, Toddler and Preschool age groups. This reworking will simplify Program Plans and decrease difficulty and time constraints during planning, but still satisfy Assessment for Quality Improvement (AQI) requirements. This workshop will acquaint staff with these changes and guide them through the new planning process, using concrete examples and demonstrations. Learning Outcomes Participants will: 1. Understand the new Program Plan dynamic 2. Gain insight into making effective observations and creating targeted learning opportunities 3. Become familiar with how the planning process should be incorporated into the day, the week, the month, and beyond.
    Continuing on from Pedagogical Review Part 1, this session will walk participants through an average day in the care space, demonstrating the use of the new Program Plan and Storypark tools, as well as other elements that support quality programming. We’ll give practical advice on how and when to document what’s happening, and how to use this information for intentional planning and personal portfolio building. Learning Outcomes Participants will: 1. Be exposed to real time use of the new Program Plan and Storypark tools 2. Understand the workflow of pedagogically sound practice 3. Explore additional Continuous Professional Learning tools to enhance staff portfolios