Reopening Child Care


Dear Staff,

We hope that you and your families are keeping well, healthy and safe! The last few months have been a challenging and unprecedented time. As the province and country begin to look towards the reopening of the economy, Network Child Care Services (Network) is preparing for the reopening of our own programs. We will be adding resources and information to this page regarding our reopening, and we have created a new page for our families, which we encourage you to visit, where we will share further resources as we make this transition.

Network’s first commitment and priority is to ensure the safety of the children, staff, families and affiliated home child care providers. Network is in the process of developing new, enhanced practices, protocols, and policies to ensure that we are doing the best to keep children, staff and families safe. Network is currently sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE) for our staff and affiliated home child care providers, and we are planning for the enhanced cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting of surfaces, furniture, equipment, and toys. Our preparations also include the following:

  • The reorganization of our physical spaces to ensure required social distancing practices are followed;
  • Removing children’s items that cannot be disinfected;
  • Developing screening measures for staff, children, and families;
  • Increasing hand sanitizing stations and reinforcing handwashing for children, and;
  • Reviewing all staff and program-related policies to ensure that all potential risks associated to COVID-19 are considered and addressed.

Network is anticipating to receive specific guidelines for reopening from government agencies, which we will be following strictly and diligently once they are shared with us from agencies such as the City of Toronto’s Children’s Services and the Ministry of Education. We will also implement and follow all public health requirements. We will use these guidelines to create a specific reopening plan for Network.

Network will continue to keep staff informed of these directives, and of our expected reopening date once we have the green light from the Ministry of Education. We are planning to schedule staff training sessions to familiarize everyone with the new expectations. Please rest assured, we will only reopen our programs when we are confident that we have met all directives from health agencies, knowing that we are providing the safest and healthiest environment for all children and staff. As we move towards our ‘new normal,’ we look forward to reopening our programs and welcoming you back to work. Please contact your direct supervisor with any questions you may have as we begin to prepare for our reopening.

Spyros Volonakis
Executive Director
Network Child Care Services


Helpful Resources

New and helpful resources will continue to be added here. Stay tuned!