Metamorphosis Child Care Centre – Donlands Station Construction Overview

The TTC has been implementing the Easier Access Program to make all Subway Stations, in Toronto, accessible by 2025. As part of this process, the accessibility project is now underway at the Donlands Subway Station to build new elevators and create a new entrance/exit located at 17/19 Dewhurst Boulevard.

Network Child Care Services (Network) has created this page to share information, updates and memorandums with parents as the construction continues at the Donlands Subway Station.

During this process, the TTC will be using the space around the playground at the front of the building for the construction of one of the elevators. The elevator will be located underground, from the platform to the concourse level. Thus, once the construction is completed, Network will reinstall the playground at the front of the Metamorphosis Child Care Centre. Network has created a temporary playground on the west side of the building for the duration of the construction. This fenced area is 660 square feet, and accommodates 10 children at any given time.

Network is working closely with the TTC to mitigate any health and safety concerns, as follows:

  • The TTC has confirmed that access to the Child Care Centre will be maintained at all times throughout this construction.
  • Network has placed three portable air purifiers in the playrooms to collect any dust from the construction. The air purifier model is the Austin Air HM 400 Standard HealthMate unit (HEPA).
  • Major works involving larger amounts of noise, including drilling and excavation, will take place no earlier than 3:00 pm.
  • The TTC confirms that this project has been worked on by skilled engineers. The contractor will install noise and vibration monitors at the site, which will be reviewed daily.
  • The TTC has also constructed mesh fencing and hoarding throughout the construction site and will complete a watering of the street on a scheduled basis to mitigate the dust.

  • Parents may connect with the accessibility project on the TTC’s Webpage at the following link:

    TTC community relations staff will be on hand throughout construction. Should there be any questions or concerns about the project, please contact their Senior Community Liaison Christina Joseph at

    Thank you in advance for your understanding regarding this initiative. Please be advised that we are doing our utmost best to ensure each child’s safety during the construction.

    Spyros Volonakis
    Executive Director
    Network Child Care Services