Inclusion - Learning Enrichment Series for the HCC Team and Providers for Fall 2024/Winter 2025 - Training Sign Up


  • Available Sessions

    Network Child Care Services is offering a variety of workshops to support its Affiliated Home Child Care Providers’ continuing education. Certificates will be sent after each session. Please select the sessions that you wish to attend.
  • Sexual Prevention education is key in making a difference in providing children an important opportunity to educate and build strategies and skills around personal safety, sexual heath competency, and protective behaviors.

    TPH will offer an educational workshop on Raising Sexually Healthy Children

    • children’s sexual growth and development
    • exploring your own values
    • becoming more comfortable dealing with children’s sexual behaviorus
    • becoming more comfortable responding to parents’ concerns and questions
    • practice answering questions
    • discussion of sexual health policy
  • The workshop will provide the opportunity for Providers to learn about Every Child Belong Services that are available to help support them, how to create an inclusive and welcoming HCC environment, helping families make connections with resources and services and collaborating in developing inclusive programs and strategies that are responsive to the unique needs of the child.

  • As Educators and Providers, we are often wearing a variety of hats throughout the day. We might start off wearing our detective hat, then change to our advocate hat, to end off wearing our cheerleader hat.

    Highlights from the workshop will focus on learning strategies to listen and learn about families’ unique stories, explore ways to support a child who is not reaching all their developmental milestones, and leave knowing how to engage families to create a meaningful partnership with the child’s success as the priority.

  • The Canadian Human Rights Commission states, all children and youth deserve to live and learn in healthy safe and inclusive environmental spaces.

    Learn about childhood injuries and how to keep children safe through the stages of growth and development. We will look at environments, climate, home safety, and safety through the seasons.

  • "Why is my son wearing a dress?”

    "My daughter wants to cut her hair short!"

    In the first 6 years children develop their sense of gender identity and begin to align themselves with other children and activities that correspond to their sex assigned at birth; but what happens when a child appears to defer from the expectations, and when do we need to step in?

    The session will be informative we will talk about definition of terms, child development, and about Ontario and Canadian Human Rights. In addition, to the long-term effects not talking about Gender Diversity with children has on their mental health.

    Lumens Community Center will offer participants a framework of tangible, actionable items to create a space that is safe and inclusive for all children.

  • Supporting our children in times of stress is an ongoing concern! TPH workshop is meant to provide education on how children experience stress, how Providers can identify stress in their children and strategies for helping our children cope with stress. We will also discuss how we can support our children in building resiliency as part of their emotional development, so that they can adapt and cope with adversity in life.