Frequently Asked Questions

1What will be my fee for child care services?

Child Care fees are due in advance of each month’s service and are based on the age of your child and the number of days used per month. Please contact us to inquire about our current rates.

Subsidy fee assistance is available for eligible families from the City of Toronto. Click here for information on the Child Care Fee Subsidy

2Is there a wait list I can join?
Yes, families can register their child on the wait list for a specific location, or in general for Centre or Home child care. Registration on the waitlist does not guarantee a spot, but it does establish a priority position if space becomes available. Please use the contact function below to ask about the waitlist.
3Are part-time hours available?
Some Centre locations and Home Child Care premises will accept part-time children (minimum of 3 days a week). Some Home Child Care premises have flexible hours and weekend availability. Please use the contact function below to send us specific details.
4Are there any days that you are closed?
Network locations are open year-round, with the exception of statutory holidays and unforeseen public closures (ie snow events, floods, etc.)
5What is your policy for sick kids?
We are supportive of working families and try our best to accommodate their needs, but we also must follow the health standard guidelines provided by Toronto Public Health when caring for children in licensed settings. If a child is mildly ill, but is able to participate in the daily routine of the care space, the child can be in care. More severe illness, including contagious diseases, that may prevent a child from participating fully may lead to a child being excluded from care until he or she is free of symptoms.