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  • Audience: All Staff in Program

    Presenters: Susan Menchinton and Megan Samanica

    This one hour review will take staff through the steps to using the Storypark Attendance feature newly added to the platform. Going forward, all Network locations will enter and track attendances electronically, including moving children from room to room, or outside (transitional attendance). This feature will also be used to make a record of all attempts to contact families when the Safe Arrival threshold is passed with an unexplained absence. Supervisors will be using Storyopark to track attendances and print reports to be entered each week into the Network database and the city Subsidy portal.


    1. Attendees will have a thorough introduction on how to make accurate entries for sign ins, sign outs and movement within the day.
    2. Staff will learn through demonstrations and scenarios reflecting their real experiences and be able to ask questions
    3. Proper handling of and communication about unexplained absences and the activation of the Safe Arrival procedure through Storypark will be fully understood.