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CHILD CARE FOR SPECIAL EVENTS is a specialized service for when you need to provide optimum child care services at trade shows, conferences, conventions, corporate events and social events. We bring our mobile team and supplies to your location and engage and entertain the children, freeing up your guests to actively participant in your event.

Let Network Child Care Services improve access to your special event by providing on-site child care. We are able to tailor a unique program that will both entice and engage all participating young children regardless of their age or developmental ability while parents attend an event with comfort and peace of mind and feel at ease to focus on exhibits, training or otherwise. We provide:

We will be delighted to respond to any inquiries and present a proposal for an upcoming event.

email or call Spyros at 416-530-0280 to discuss options for how we can provide child care at your special event.

"There's been a few events I have not been able to attend or had to rush through because I couldn't get child care. If there was child care at some of those I definitely would have come. And my son would be happier not having me lug him around busy booths."

- Lee D., Business Professional and Parent